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Your Essential Oral Health

Please note: Mintycoco and MouthMonsters are currently SOLD OUT! 

This is your 'Health 101" - the first thing to do every morning. Try it and see the huge difference.

Doctors say "All disease starts in the mouth".

Doctors of Integrative Medicine and Naturopaths say oil pulling is the #1 thing to do every morning.

Reduces up to 8 billion micro-organisms - bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites.

Removes plaque.

Heals sores.

The bacteria in your mouth are the starting point for disease and inflammation, potentially invading your bloodstream every time you brush your teeth. 

The good news is, bacteria and other bad micro-organisms become trapped in the Mintycoco and MouthMonsters oil formula, then you just spit it all out.

Stopping these bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites from entering your bloodstream.

Preventing the continuous inflammation which otherwise occurs.

Oral health is critical to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Mintycoco - the no-diet detox which naturally whitens teeth: the world's most reviewed organic oil pulling solution. #smilebrighter

MouthMonsters - the world's first coconut mouthwash safe for all ages, designed for kids, loved by adults too. Use to reduce the dangers of tooth decay and extractions. MouthMonsters Every Day Help Stop Decay. 

Smile Brighter.

NOTE: while Mintycoco and MouthMonsters are currently unavailable, we recommend oil-pulling with a spoonful of raw virgin organic coconut oil daily before brushing your teeth. For extra palatability, you can add organic peppermint essence to the coconut oil prior to taking your spoonful. Both are available from good quality health food stores.

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