**Cyber Monday pricing live for the rest of this week until Sunday 6th December**

Fast, Affordable, Global Shipping

You expect exceptional service and a big part of this is getting your orders to you as quickly as possible. To achieve this goal we needed to remove the man hours and leverage technology in exactly the same way as large online retailers such as Amazon do. Our website is linked directly to our global logistics partner in real time!

Immediately when you place your order the website contacts our logistics centre for a real time quotation for the fastest and most cost effective way to ship your products. This order is then sent direct to the nearest distribution centre and is packed ready for shipping within the hour.

Typical shipping times will be between 3-14 days depending on how far you are from the nearest distribution centre.

Our shipping partner has logistics centres in the following countries:

      • United Kingdom (London)
      • USA (Chicago / Philadelphia / Los Angeles)
      • Canada (Toronto / Vancouver)
      • China (Hong Kong)
      • Australia (Sydney)
      • Germany (Berlin)
      • Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) 

Currently we stock products in the logistics centres in IL to serve the USA and Central/South America and in London UK for Canada and the rest of the world.

This seems to work very well and allows us to provide Get Your Boom! Back throughout the world - currently to customers in more than 38 countries and counting!

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