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Angela Wright, MBE

A popular speaker and guest on Podcasts and at Health Events including the Living Energy Online Summit.


Angela and family have a beach house and farm on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, originally farming in Devon UK.

Angela is a health activist and educator, and an active ambassador for living in harmony with people, planet, and profit for good, through combining the latest science with ancient proven wisdom from around the world.



    • Nutrition
    • Dietary supplements
    • Health and Longevity research
    • Functional and Integrated Medicine
    • Water and soil health
    • Green living including clean tech, permaculture, bamboo, farming and gardening
    • Humanity+ Business: helping businesses grow and thrive using the Making More Impact process, because peace is enabled through prosperity, and prosperity is enabled through business
    • Distributed Ledger Technologies - blockchain, tangle, lattice, holochain, cryptocurrencies
    • Raising energetic frequencies
    • Visualisation & manifestation

MISSION: Living Like It’s Heaven On Earth


A keen proponent of Visualisation and Manifestation, Angela has created:

  • An internationally recognized award winning theme park and resort visualized as a child and again as a single Mum: www.crealy.co.uk. 
  • A beautiful 17.2hh Irish Sports Horse, to the exact appearance and value, who took six months to appear
  • A home with a white tower, visualized when daughter Amy was born and discovered 12 years later in Australia
  • Numerous smaller and more instant instances

Everything is energy. We know this is scientific fact. Angela takes this reality and provides solutions for everyday use.


Get Your Boom! Back produces unique dietary supplements with unique benefits.. These regenerative formulas with genuine ingredients at the right dose are not just created for optimum nutrition in an increasingly toxic world - uniquely they are designed to activate the pineal gland, rebalance chakra and meridians, bringing truth and honour to an industry dominated by MLMs and Pharma companies.

Passionate about Humanity Plus businesses, products and services, positively impacting people, planet and putting profits to good use. Through  the Making More Impact process, Angela works with selected businesses to transform their impact, because peace is enabled through prosperity, and prosperity is only enabled through business.


  • Mother to five children, married to David for over 25 years, dedicated traveller and popular public speaker, Angela is a successful serial entrepreneur, having been involved in business, service and tourism for four decades.
  • Always beginning with “what does the evidence say”, Angela takes proven science, the latest and best human clinical studies to guide us as we select and blend our products.
  • Cofounder of Get Your Boom! Back, with customers in more than 40 countries.
  • Business coach, guide, and speaker on Making More Impact for conscious business owners and speaker on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain:
  • Angela has led and overseen many creative projects, from residential to commercial holiday homes, restaurants and rollercoasters.
  • Past or present involvement in a number of businesses ranges from business development and online optimisation to amusement machines, food supply to paintball, seafront fun parks to family theme parks, OFSTED registered childcare to haunted attraction, summer campground and luxury holiday resort.
  • Founder of Crealy Great Adventure Parks in 1989, awarded an MBE by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II for services to tourism in 2004. From 30 acres and a modest investment in 1989, Angela grew Crealy to estates in two counties and a multi-million pound business while recreating her idyllic childhood for the benefit of other families. Crealy Great Adventure Parks are the South West of England’s favourite family attractions, with a unique mix of magic and great adventures; the most exciting rides and play areas blend within beautiful countryside, all served with a sprinkling of Crealy magic. www.crealy.co.uk


    “As a farmer with a keen understanding of food production, soil health and the science of wellness, I’ve been studying how to optimise health for more than twenty years. In 2014, I flew around the world again to complete due diligence on the most important food supplement of our time.

    All to prove my core preoccupation: science-supported products that work.

    I’ve long had concerns about a supplement industry with heavily hyped promises and little in the way of demonstrable results. As my husband David says, “You Can’t Have More Sizzle Than Sausage!”

    So I decided to address a market challenge.

    Can we find affordable products using the right doses as used in double-blind clinical studies?

    And can we supplement this product line with information to mobilize people who care about this as much as I do, to make informed choices about health?

    To provide the scientific and medical advice that’s so essential, I’ve enlisted the help of biochemists and health professionals, renowned for their thorough and insightful approach to good health. 

    When it’s been impossible to find the right products anywhere else, we’ve founded new companies.

    As Co-Founder of Get Your Boom! Back, I’ve made sure that the right food supplements are provided – products you can trust.

    Today, products we’ve created are in use serving customers all over the globe, in more than 40 countries, in both hemispheres. Our customers count on our products for full and healthy lives.

    The ingredients we use are safe for every day use and well tolerated. We use organic and natural botanical ingredients which can be taken with most medications. Of course we do always recommend that you first speak with your personal doctor before getting started. While I am confident that our products are safe and effective, we have no sure way of knowing how your body will react. By consulting with your own doctor, you are able to gauge possible reactions as well as ensure your safety as you continue with your journey to better health.



    I used to believe that everyone in a professional or commercial capacity was wholly committed to customers and progress.

    Now, I know that simply isn’t the case. In fact, the more money that’s involved, the harder it can be to separate opinion from fact.

    According to the World Health Organisation, the global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year. That’s billions with a B.

    The 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of this market, several with sales of more than US$10 billion a year and huge profit margins.

    Since WWII, the pharmaceutical industry has steadily increased profits to become the world’s second largest manufacturing industry after the arms industry.

    IG Farben was the biggest pharmaceutical business in the ‘40s. The Nuremberg Tribunal in 1945 convicted 24 IG Farben board members and executives on the basis of mass murder, slavery and other crimes, dissolving IG Farben into Bayer, Hoechst and BASF, but each company 20 times as large as IG Farben in 1944.

    For almost three decades, these companies filled their highest position, chairman of the board, with former members of the Nazi regime. Bayer has been sued by WWII survivors of medical experiments.

    So what has that to do with you?

    Do you still trust those big corporations to have your health as their highest agenda?

    A new study has found that the pharmaceutical drug industry is the biggest defrauder of government, surpassing the defence industry. The drug industry paid out nearly $20 billion in penalties over the past two decades for violations of the False Claim Act. More than half of the industry’s fines were paid by just four companies: GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Schering-Plough.

    On a simpler note, it’s a fact that supplements including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, probiotics and prebiotics vary hugely in quality.
    Working with biochemists, I uncovered that most people are duped by the ingredients in their expensive supplements.

    I don’t believe that’s right. 

    It’s time for transparency in terms of

    • pure ingredients
    • in the freshest, most natural forms
    • at the correct combinations
    • using the right dose referred to in clinical trials and tests.

    Most supplement manufacturers do not disclose the quantity, source or quality of the ingredients. That can’t be right. Only a tiny handful take every precaution including inspection and testing of source product, properly accredited manufacturing, random testing and certification. It’s time you knew how to identify what will really benefit you.

    I believe you’ll be shocked, surprised and even angry when you discover why you’ve been so unwell.

    Underpinning our quest for health is the growing volume of chronic illness.

    More and more people are taking charge of their own health, turning increasingly to food supplements, globally spending $50bn a year on dietary supplements – and this is increasing.

    People all around the world are choosing herbal and traditional supplements, especially if you are living in the US, China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Russia, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Canada and the UK.

    If you are from Singapore, Hong Kong or Norway, you and your neighbours are using food supplements at an even faster rate of increase than the countries just mentioned. Wherever you look in the world, increasing numbers are using food supplements.

    So what’s behind the quest for increased health? There’s no doubt that chronic and acute illness ruins lives. And sometimes it’s not necessary.

    The more I’ve researched this field over the last 20+ years, the more shocked I am that simple good health is possible but not widely known.

    You might trust the supplements industry more than the pharmaceutical industry, or vice versa. But know that the supplements industry is dominated by five firms, all household names which are headquartered in the US. One of those is Pfizer.

    With that much money at stake, it’s not surprising that profit margins are at the expense of the consumer.

    It’s time for that to stop.


    It’s so confusing. The more research you do, the less it all makes sense. You might discover that big-name companies tout the research of a particular ingredient … but then replace that same ingredient with an inferior version, from a different location (usually China), extracted in a different way. Simply not the same!

    I personally know of one multimillion dollar food supplement MLM company which started off well with quality amino acid ingredients then started reducing the active ingredient in its products until there was none left! None. As. In. Zero. But they’re still marketing hard and the business continues to turn over multiple millions of dollars. That’s hundreds of thousands of consumers being duped.

    More than one well known company selling amino acid supplements includes shark cartilage as an active ingredient.

    That’s disgusting.

    Quite apart from the dangerous levels of mercury in sharks, 200,000 sharks are killed every day: that’s more than 8,300 sharks every hour or two sharks every single second. Some shark populations are down by 98% and nearly one-third of open-ocean shark species are threatened, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Without sharks eating the little fish, nature is unbalanced and swarming little fish eat the algae.

    Most of the oxygen we breath comes from tiny ocean plants – phytoplankton. Scientists agree that 50-85% of the oxygen in every breath we take is from the ocean – yet low-oxygen areas have expanded by more than 4.5 million square kilometers in the past 50 years.

    We need sharks. It’s obvious. Putting them in food supplements is disgusting. They can live for 50 years or more, storing toxins in their bodies throughout their lifetime.

    Methylmercury is a dangerous neurotoxin found in shark. Organizations throughout the world, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), warn against eating shark.

    Methylmercury exposure can cause serious neurological and heart problems.

    79% of shark tested also contained high-levels of BMAA, another dangerous neurotoxin linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases5.

    Levels of Arsenic contamination 13-32 times national guidelines and 10% of all dried seafood items contain impurities such as hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde, all hazardous to human health.

    Do you see how this is all related?

    That’s why you are ready to take back control of your health. Using genuine, proven products, combining pure ingredients and leading-edge science.

    With our products, we use the exact same ingredients the scientists used in their original research, sourced from the right locations and extracted, stored and manufactured in exactly the right way.


    Often you’ll discover that the active ingredients in a supplement are either not listed or are not at the same dose used in the research. Once again you are angered by why it’s all too hard.

    Sometimes it’s right to be angry. We were too… that’s why we include each ingredient in our formulas at the same specific dose used in the research.

    The result is that when you use our supplements, you experience the promised results… OR YOU PAY NOTHING.


    Originally from Devon, England, Angela and family emigrated to Australia in 2010. Touring Australia for four months with three children and three dogs, they discovered the Sunshine Coast and Noosa in Queensland and settled here.

    Angela has served organisations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for many decades.

    Angela and her businesses have gained recognition and awards for quality, business management and leadership.


    Angela is always up there with the latest trends Sonia Meaden OBE

    Angela brings great energy, enthusiasm, thought and passion to everything she does. She has run her own very high profile business with great distinction, and she's been an invaluable member of the SW Footdown group. One of those rare people who makes things happen whilst also bringing a smile to your face! David Young, STEM Group Venture Capital and Private Equity

    I have known Angela for several years during this time I have found her to be an extremely professional and competent business person. She is confident, inquisitive and has a thirst for knowledge. Her work ethic is highly commendable, she is driven, intelligent and highly motivated. Bob O’Connor, Managing Director at Howletts & Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks

    Additional available on request 

    Prior to relocation with family from UK to Australia:

    1989 –2011:
 Maximum Fun Ltd – Crealy Great Adventure Parks and Resort, Devon and Cornwall

    Founder and Managing Director of South West of England’s favourite family attractions, with combined visitor numbers of more than 500,000 per year. Angela recreates her idyllic childhood for the benefit of other families at the South West of England’s favourite family attractions. Crealy Great Adventure Parks provide a unique mix of action and adventures with the most exciting rides and play areas, within the peace and tranquillity of beautiful countryside.

    Angela and Crealy Great Adventure Parks have individually and together received many awards, including the Parents at Work ‘Best Boss Award’, ‘Business Challenge South West’ and South West Tourism’s ‘Chairman’s Award’. Other awards include South West Tourism Visitor Attraction of the Year and Sustainability Award winner and finalist, various awards from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and Cornish Tourist Board Visitor Attraction of the Year. Crealy Great Adventure Parks have been recognised as Investors In People since 2005.

    More than eight million visitors have experienced the magic of Crealy Great Adventure Parks, where children gain an understanding of farming and heritage, respect for animals, more courage and increased confidence in their own abilities through adventurous play.

    In 2007, Crealy introduced Roundabout PlayPumps to the Parks, showcasing unique PlayPumps which in Africa enable children’s play to provide clean, free water via unique pumps and boreholes. Crealy together with guests and the community has provided four PlayPumps to African communities, changing the lives of 10,000 people “through the magic of children’s play”.

 Hospitality Catering – Partner Adrenalin Games Paintball – Partner Shepherds Farm Partnership – “Intra” botanical supplement

    1987 – 1989:

    Crealy Great Adventure Parks - research and business plan development

    1980 – 1987:

    Freelance Secretary
Partner in Café / Restaurant
Partner in building and farming businesses

    1972 – 1979:

    From the age of 10, serving tea and biscuits on the lawn to visitors at the family’s historic home, birthplace to Sir Walter Raleigh. Progressing to home-cooked lunches and afternoon Devonshire Cream Teas to fund College and travelling.


    Exeter College, Hele Road, Exeter, Devon – 1979 - 1980
St Margaret’s School, Magdalen Street, Exeter, Devon – 1971 - 1979 East Budleigh School, East Devon – 1967 – 1971


    Bamboo Park Sunshine Coast - Eat • Grow • Play • Stay

    and Mykonos House, Sunshine Beach, Noosa, QLD 4567 Australia – complete with white tower as visualized more than 12 years prior.

    Why Australia? Angela reports,

    "My Father had kept saying to come to the Sunshine Coast and we'd already explored WA, Victoria, New South Wales and much of the rest of Queensland. Immediately we arrived on the Sunny Coast, we knew this was right. To check we went up and down the coast, from Byron Bay to the Whitsundays and back again. Just before Christmas 2010 we discovered Sunshine Beach and we've lived here very happily ever since, between travelling with clients and family to some of the other beautiful places in the world."


    Angela and David have five children - the eldest is living in the UK, two are working in Queensland, and two are at University in Brisbane, having attended St Andrew's School in Peregian Australia, Blundells and St Peter’s School in England.

    Husband David is Managing Director of the businesses and is a Noosa Coastguard.


    Angela was born in Devon, England, to a farming family and grew up in an ancient country house first dating from the 14th Century, the birthplace of Elizabethan explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. The seeds of this early exposure to exploration of whole new worlds, as Sir Walter Raleigh did 500 years ago, germinated into an appetite for discovering new solutions to old dilemmas. The family home was open to public tours every summer afternoon, leading to Angela's first business at the age of 10, providing tea and biscuits to visitors.

    Angela founded Crealy Great Adventure Parks in the UK as a way of recreating her country childhood for other families, which became the favourite family theme parks in the south west of England.

    Angela was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services to tourism and led her Family Theme Parks for over 20 years. Crealy continues as a family business while Angela and family emigrated to Australia in 2010, settling in Queensland's Sunshine Beach. A member of Noosa and Queensland Chambers of Commerce and host of Queensland Small Business Week,

     First Person Description Of Background:

    I was born in Devon, England, to a farming family and grew up in an ancient country house first dating from the 14th Century and the birthplace of Elizabethan explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. The seeds of this early exposure to exploration of whole new worlds, as Raleigh did 500 years ago, germinated into an appetite for discovering new solutions to old dilemmas. The family home was open to public tours every summer afternoon, leading to my first business at the age of 10, providing tea and biscuits to visitors.

    I founded Crealy Great Adventure Parks in the UK as a way of recreating my country childhood for other families, which became the favourite family theme parks in the south west of England. In 2002 was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services to tourism. I led the Parks for over 20 years and Crealy continues to be a family business.

    My family and other animals, to paraphrase Gerald Durrel, emigrated to Australia's Sunshine Coast in 2010. Mother to five children, married to David for over two decades, dedicated traveler and international public speaker, I love being able to live, work and travel in both hemispheres while having the sunshine of Australia for much of my time.

    As an entrepreneur and business development authority specialising in mobile media communications and successful life strategies, I've been lucky to have led, operated and consulted to many and varied businesses, in both hemispheres.

    I founded Crealy Great Adventure Parks in the UK as a way of recreating my country childhood for other families, which became the favourite family theme parks in the south west of England. In 2002 was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services to tourism. I led the Parks for over 20 years and Crealy continues to be a family businessAs an internet marketing specialist, entrepreneur and business development authority, I've been lucky to have led, operated and consulted to many and varied businesses, generating millions of dollars in both hemispheres.

    Having sold our businesses and retired in our forties, I took two years to analyze in detail complementary health and business. I investigated  ancient truths, new wisdoms and so-called gurus. What I discovered shocked me so I set out to change it.


    PA: Theresa Carson
 - contact us via the Contact Us link on this website.

    G+: www.google.com/+AngelaWright  

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/angela.wright.986

    LI: www.au.linkedin.com/in/angelakwright


    Social media includes 55,300+ Twitter followers and 9,705+ facebook fans

    KLOUT SCORE: 58 http://klout.com/#/happyangela

    Favourite quotations include,
"The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives"     Anthony Robbins.

    Please get in touch using the Contact Us page on this website: getyourboomback.com/pages/contact or email angela at getyourboomback.com.

    With varied interests including nutrition, integrated health, crypto, DLT technology, , Angela is wife to David for more than 25 years, Mother of 5, health advocate and Humanity+ business strategist.

    “Wallets change the world faster than governments, NGOs and corporations," says Angela. 

    “2017 saw the biggest demonstrations in the history of the world from women, 2018 saw more students and young people demanding change, 2019 sees increasing numbers of people worldwide taking action, switching brands, moving the power from "humanity fail" corporations to brands which have positive impact on people, planet and putting profits towards good work. That’s Humanity+.

    "Corporations which are "humanity fails are being increasingly exposed through the new technology and communications we call Transparent Accountability. People want the Humanity+ alternatives. 

    "Informed buying decisions mean we really can change the world before lunchtime. Every decision we make is a vote for good or saying that bad practice - whether it's killing off the bees, child slavery, mass pollution - is OK. 

    "We say it's not OK.

    "That's why we founded our company Get Your Boom! Back in 2014, built around the rare all natural ingredient, the only source of all 23 amino acids in perfect balance, because there was NO other company providing these genuine ingredients at the right dose. 

    Since then, we've served customers all over the world, mainly through word of mouth, repeat orders, and recommendations. We have now created four formulas although the most famous and popular, giving the fastest results, is AminoBoosters." 

    People say that Angela's Unique Ability is seeing opportunities and creating better futures through asking difficult questions, analysing the past and connecting the best currently available solutions.

    Angela's varied interests reflect her holistic multicoloured life. 



    • Rogue Elephants In The Room - under publication
    • The Truth About YTE® And Amino Acid Supplements
    • Oil Pulling: 14 Days To Oral Health
    • The #1 Easy Morning Trick To Boost Your Immunity & Get Whiter Teeth Fast  
    • How Do I Become Successful?
    • Vegan Cooking For Newbies
    • 7 Ways To Safely Give Your Child Sweet Treats
    • The Trouble With Ogres: The Battle For Crealy Magic (children’s book)

    Author Profile: https://www.amazon.com/Angela-K-Wright-MBE/e/B00COXQ7Y4