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Let's keep it simple.

You be your best, you need Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, and - yes - Love!

1. Let's start with the mornings:

Wake up and smile.

Oil pulling first thing every morning, before you brush your teeth, while you're taking a shower or whatever, is a Health 101. Mintycoco can make this easy.

Take your AminoSerene, or AminoBoosters with breakfast.

These YTE Young Tissue Extract supplements get your day off to a great start.

If you have AminoSerene, take your 2 capsules in the morning.

You can add an extra dose of AminoBoosters if you want even more energy.

Or you can start your AminoBoosters in the month following, after you've used the AminoSerene.

If you're only taking AminoBoosters, that's fine too.

When taking AminoBoosters, most people take 4 capsules to start with for the first month, then see if you want to reduce or increase. 

2. Drink water. As much as possible. 

My little "trick"?

I line up five big bottles - totalling one gallon - wherever I am going to be for most of the day, and drink my way through them. 

I actually find it somehow "tastes better" drunk straight out of a glass bottle.

So we save good looking empty bottles which used to contain whisky, gin, vodka, ,cordial, or wine ... gin and vodka bottles work particularly well because it can really surprise unsuspecting visitors to see us drinking what looks like neat liquor!

(If I've been elsewhere and have drunk some of my quota somewhere else, I use the spare water at the end of the day to water the plants).

Drinking a lot of water makes a big difference to your health.

3. Eat well. Your body is built on your nutrition.


What you eat actually creates the cells in your body.

Supplements are essential.

Good food makes a big difference.

An easy way is to use a LighterShake to replace a meal or two.

Most people take a LighterShake for breakfast or lunch: saving time, getting a real boost of extra nutrition and protein.

There's increasing evidence that not eating late at night can help you.

Giving your digestive system chance to take a rest.

Some people say that eating within a ten hour "window" can help, for example between 8am and 6pm.

Then, breakfast really does once again become when you "break (your) fast".

4. Move. As much as you can, as fast as you can.

Even if that's just a stretch to start with.

Or upper body exercises while you're sitting down.

As much as possible, move your legs because your thigh muscles help activate your stem cells.

Easy way: take the stairs, walk a little further than normal, stretch, try doing some squats or lunges, take bigger strides.

5. Sleep can sometimes be a challenge.

The YTE Young Tissue Extract in your AminoSerene and AminoBoosters helps you sleep.

Having routine also helps. So get up early and you'll find you become tired and want to go to bed earlier.

At dusk, draw the curtains and switch on soft lighting.

Bright lights trigger the body to stay alert.

Switch off your "screens" an hour or two before bed: that means, your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV ...

Write down anything that's worrying you in a diary, to deal with tomorrow.

Maybe take a hot bath or shower.

And if you can't sleep ... do something really really boring. Like ironing. Or stretching. Keep the lights low. If you can't sleep and it's after 4am, get up and get cracking with your day. Watch the sunrise. It's a beautiful, free, gift, and most people miss it every single day.

6. Love and be loved. It actually helps you live longer!

Decades of Harvard research have revealed that love between humans—whether deep and abiding friendship or truly heartfelt romance—insulate the cells in our bodies from damage and destruction. 

Nourishing our souls at a profound level of human connectedness makes our bodies able to withstand oxidation.  


This Harvard study found that feeling lonely was linked with more physical illness and earlier death. And, having someone to rely on was clearly associated with reduced emotional and physical symptoms, preserved brain function, and less physical pain—for decades.

According to the study, it is the quality of relationships—not the quantity of them—that matters. 

Deep levels of connection and trust are what enhance and preserve lives

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     - Angela


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