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Many Doctors say "All disease starts in the mouth". Doctors of Integrative Medicine and Naturopaths say oil pulling is the #1 thing to do every morning. Reduces up to 8 billion micro-organisms - bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites. Removes plaque. Heales sores.

The bacteria in your mouth is the starting point for disease and inflammation. Because the bacteria and other bad micro-organisms become trapped in the Mintycoco and MouthMonsters oil formula, you just spit it all out. So these bad bacteria can't enter your bloodstream. This stops the continuous inflammation which otherwise occurs.

Mintycoco - the no-diet detox which naturally whitens teeth: Mintycoco is the world's most reviewed organic oil pulling solution. #smilebrighter

MouthMonsters - the world's first coconut mouthwash safe for kids, designed to reduce the dangers of tooth decay and extractions. MouthMonsters Every Day Help Stop Decay.

Health+ Power Pack

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NEW Health+ Power Pack - 30 Days' Supply Now You Can Reset Your Energy Levels And Feel Great Again In Just 30 Days With The Health+ Power Pack SAVE MORE THAN £24.00, $31.00USD, $40.00AUD Receive 1x My Happy Booster, 1x AminoPure+, 2x Mintycoco  £ 129.99 reduced from £154.93 USD $ 159.74  reduced from $190.93 AUD $ 208.57  reduced from $248.58 1 Bottle of...

Mintycoco Oil Pulling Teeth Whitening Detox Formula - 1x 14 Day Course

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FLASH SALE 80% OFF ESSENTIAL MORNING DETOX GET WHITER TEETH & BETTER HEALTH, WITH NO BURN, NO BLEACH, NO YELLOW To celebrate WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY and WORLD HAPPINESS DAY on the same day this week, we're GIVING AWAY world-famous MINTYCOCO so you can try oil pulling. Yes, you only pay our packaging costs (what we had to pay the...

MouthMonsters Kids Oil Pulling Mouthwash - 1x 14 Days Supply

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ADVANCED COCONUT MOUTHWASH FOR KIDS - THE ESSENTIAL MORNING DETOX TO PROTECT YOUNG SMILES After we'd created Mintycoco Advanced Oil Pulling Mouthwash, we realised kids were using it. And that kids' oral health is in crisis, according to all Dental Associations. Kids tooth decay and gum disease is the #1 chronic childhood disease, according to the American Dental Association. So...

Reset & Renew Pack

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Reset & Renew Pack - 30 Days' Supply It's Time To Reset Your Energy Levels And Feel Great Again In Just 30 Days! SAVE £23.99, $30.00USD, $40.00AUD Receive 1x My Happy Booster, 1x AminoBoosters, 2x Mintycoco  £ 126.44 reduced from £150.43 USD $ 157.99  reduced from $188.77 AUD $ 142.80  reduced from $250.10 1 Bottle of AminoBoosters YTE® Amino Acid Supplements 1 Bottle...