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I'm writing this to you from Queensland Australia, where it's illegal to keep rabbits.

The State of Queensland is a huge area, nearly 7x as big as Great Britain, 5x the size of Japan, 2.5x the size of Texas.

Rabbits can't read, of course, so it's not easy keeping them out. But there's a $20,000 fine if you keep one as a pet... unless you are a magician, curiously enough.

So when a man driving along a highway sees a rabbit jump out across the middle of the road, he's surprised.

He swerves to avoid hitting it but, unfortunately, the rabbit jumps right in front of the car.

The driver, a sensitive man as well as an animal lover, pulls over and gets out to see what has become of the rabbit.

Much to his dismay, the rabbit is the Easter Bunny, and he is DEAD .

The driver feels so awful that he begins to cry.

A beautiful blonde woman driving down the highway sees a man crying on the side of the road and pulls over.

She steps out of the car and asks the man what's wrong.

"I feel terrible," he explains, "I accidentally hit the Easter Bunny with my car and KILLED HIM."

The blonde says,"Don't worry."

She runs to her car and pulls out a spray can. She walks over to the limp, dead Easter Bunny, bends down, and sprays the contents onto him.

The Easter Bunny jumps up, waves its paw at the two of them and hops off down the road.

Ten feet away he stops, turns around and waves again, he hops down the road another 10 feet, turns and waves, hops another ten feet, turns and waves, and repeats this again and again and again and again, until he hops out of sight.

The man is astonished. He runs over to the woman and demands,

"What is in that can? What did you spray on the Easter Bunny?"

The woman turns the can around so that the man can read the label. It says..

(Are you ready for this?)
(You know you're going to be sorry)
(Last chance)
(OK, here it is)

It says,

"Hair Spray.
Restores life to dead hair,
and adds permanent wave."

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Thanks to long-time Boom! Advocate Gary in New South Wales for the story!

We hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.

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The right formulation of amino acids and peptides can be utilised in the right manner, with the body "directing" their correct use.

Other amino acid formulations such as Laminine do not contain these factors and may not be used by the brain and body in the most efficient manner.

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More "Fake News"

There is a HUGE amount of misinformation on the internet.

There has been speculation that the PESE in YTE® also contains Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor but we can find no available studies supporting this claim.

The manufacturers of YTE® do not claim it includes FGF. That is why we do not claim FGF in our products.

In summary, there is no reference in Google Scholar or medical journals referring to FGF being contained in a well-known supplement. You can look for yourself: www.scholar.google.com.

One of our competitors has been repeatedly asked by various people as to what is the source of the "fibroblast growth factor" alleged to be in their product but has declined to give this information.

The competitor has also been asked to provide documentation or clinical trials/research confirming their product does actually contains FGF but again this hasn't been forthcoming.

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At the weekend I was asked a good question about amino acids and peptides. The beautiful Jennifer in California, long-term Advocate and member of the Get Your Boom! Back Movement, was sent some confusing information about yet another "new MLM" and asked me to interpret what they were saying about amino acids and peptides. Read more here/...

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a stack of flyers on a table

  • April 06, 2017
  • Angela Wright MBE