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Featuring Alina Fiona Lee, Integrative Medicine Professional:

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Alina has achieved success in health and business with a chameleon-like approach to her many roles.

As founding Director of an Integrative Medicine Centre, a Health Professional, Business Owner & Business Developer, she created one of the first Integrative Medicine Centres - some fifteen health professionals, nine rooms and shop fronts. All many years ago in Melbourne, Australia, when Integrative Medicine was in its infancy.

At a hands-on level, this has given Alina a wealth of experience and knowledge in the pioneering aspects of growing businesses in health.

Alina has extensive knowledge and experience in the Health Industry, in a career spanning over 20 years, initially as a Physical Education Teacher and then expanding her health knowledge to Natural Medicine.

She has extensive experience in Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Practice Management & Business Development, in one of Melbourne's largest Integrative Medicine Centres.

Alina is a pioneer and innovator in the field of Integrative Medicine, which she describes as, 'Conventional & natural medicine working together'.

She says: ' ..no one system of health has the whole answer to every health problem, therefore it is in everyone's' best interest to take the best of natural and allopathic medicine.' 

Alina is passionate about unlocking our hidden potential, to achieve extraordinary results for ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

Alina lives an entrepreneurial life:

  • Pioneer in Integrative Medicine, Health, Education, Natural Medicine
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Speaker
  • Passionate about Health, Happiness, Harmony and Nature, pioneering in Health & Education with a passion to lead and inspire humanity toward liberation, the pursuit of health and happiness.
  •  Contributing author of "The Golden Thread", The Art Of Living Life At The Peak, by Amata Natasha Goldie  (Author), Alina Lee (Author), Sean Alan Caulfield (Author), Dr Michael Ellis (Author), Neil Goldie (Author), Nik Halik (Author), Joseph Law  (Author). This collection of practical and metaphysical wisdoms, is sourced from contemporary geniuses throughout a range of expert fields.
a stack of flyers on a table



We met up with Alina recently and asked some questions:

 Why did you decide to become a health professional?

In my twenties, I ran at Olympic Park, in Melbourne and wanted to improve my time on the track, which motivated me to look beyond exercise and training to nutrition. The results of this completely transformed my athletic performance and my life.
I am a seeker of excellence. I am driven to be the best I can be and help others do the same.



How do you most help people today?

I'm based in the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Victoria, and see people personally and also online, on Skype or Facetime. I advise on nutrition, diet and wellness. So if you have a persistent health problem, give me a call.

How To Get In Touch:

Alina Fiona Lee

Dips.Ed, R.T. Cert.App.K,Irid.,Nutr.,Med.Herbs,Shiatsu,Reiki, T.T.M, S.B.M.IV. NLP.

Integrative Medicine Director, HPE Teacher, Natural Therapist, Speaker, Author.

Integrative Medicine Director, Natural Health, Health Retreats at Natural Medicine

Former Teacher at Victorian Department of Education & Training

Studies Naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Therapies (Official)

Studied HPE at State College of Victoria - Burwood

Convenor AIMA Integrative Medicine Conference

Speaker AIS (Australian Institute of Sport)Triathletes Conference, Twin Towns Service Club, Gold Coast

Ex Athlete Track and Field, Olympic Park, Melbourne

Co Author The Golden Thread "Discover the essence of peak states of consciousness & high vibrational resonance" 




[email protected]

+61 421826009