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Fruit and vegetables grown without sunlight, soil and rain, in almost sterile conditions, might give us cheaper food but at what cost?

It’s well documented that people living in the country have less allergies and immune problems than their town and city dwelling counterparts. 

While reducing pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilisers have to be good, will the benefits of sterile food outweigh the loss of natural, organic inputs?

Another point is, will you even know? With GM foods widespread across the foodchain and, in the USA, even food labeled organic legally permitted to contain up to 50% non-organic ingredients, I’m betting that the suppliers of your food – from supermarkets to corner stores, takeaways to restaurants - won’t be telling you what you’re eating or where it’s from.

We developed Amino Boosters® containing the correct quantities of YTE® so that you can have the pure, organic goodness from Norwegian egg-white at that pivotal point when all the amino-acids, vitamins and minerals are poised to explode into new life. Similar to stem cells in terms of the ability to generate new life, all-vegetarian Amino Boosters® with YTE® give you the reassurance a great all-natural food supplement, whatever else you are eating. Reassurance in a confusing world.

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