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I've just re-read an article I saw when in England a while ago.

Being active - whether it's gardening or learning something new - "exercises your brain".

We know it's so important to reduce stress in your body to limit the risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, and worse.

People who are bilingual are shown to use less effort but have greater blood flow to more brain areas.

This suggests the brain works more efficiently when you can speak different languages.

What about if you don’t speak two languages already?

Professor Viorica Mariona, leading the study at the US Northwestern University in Illinois, said, “It’s never too late (to learn). The benefits can be seen after just one semester of studying.”

Even more evidence of neuroplasticity, or rebuilding your brain.

When you Get Your Boom! Back, you have so much more energy.


Reviving that language from your schooldays ...

Learning a brand new language... music... a song or poem... taking a course ... learning any new skill...

They're all easier when you are more focused, more energetic.

It's time to give yourself the benefit of Feeling Great Again.

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