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Dr V for Vitality, Mood Management Specialist, Supplement Advisory Panelist

Get Your Boom! Back is delighted work with Dr Veerle Van Tricht. 

Acclaimed Eye Surgeon and Mood Management Specialist Dr V provides excellent and timely eye care to a large number of patients with AMD, Diabeticretinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma and general ophthalmology, plus supporting and teaching medical students, registrars and allied health staff.

During a successful medical career as an Eye Surgeon on three continents, Dr V has used her experiences, studies and personal experience to create the unique Burnout Resuscitation program, helping health and other professionals avoid the devastating, destructive, and serious health consequences of burnout including l lower immune system, heart disease, cancer, depression.

Dr V's clinical and personal experience contributes to her unparalleled knowledge and specialism in Mood Management, and she is generous in sharing her knowledge and solutions. 

Dr V is a member of the Supplement Advisory Panel, contributing deep knowledge and unique insights to the continuous innovation and optimisation of Get Your Boom! Back's pure nutrition supplements.

Get Your Boom! Back is honoured to be working with such a highly respected authority in terms of wellness relating to eye health and avoiding exhaustion. Thank you Dr V, we appreciate you.

"Dr V for Vitality" Dr Veerle Van Tricht, MD, FC (SA) Opht, Eye Surgeon, Reiki Master, Mood Management Specialist, Burnout Expert, Author, Supplement Advisory Panelist

We recommend contacting Dr V for personalised advice regarding Mood Management, Burnout Recovery, and auto-immune issues.

Fluent in English, French, and Dutch, Dr V offers one-on-one consultations to discuss your specific health requirements.

Dr V resides in Wales in the UK and travels internationally.

Dr V has supplies of Get Your Boom! Back products in Wales Of course you can  also order Get Your Boom! Back supplements through this website here.

The Dr V Recovery Pack incorporates Dr V's Video Mini Course.

Dr V's Recovery Pack

$ 119.00 USD

Dr V's Recovery Pack: 1x AminoBoosters: one month supply 1x AminoSerene: one month supply Plus Dr V's Video-Mini-Course: easy to understand and action tips AND for early purchases, today, Bonus: FREE Premium Blueberries and Dark Chocolate - the two superfoods specifically good for your brain and mood! (Blueberries & Chocolate product may vary) (Initial order only - not supplied on subscribe...

AminoBoosters for Energy: Best Selling 23 Aminos YTE® Proprietary Formula

$ 77.00 USD

  Share: Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest Choose from a single Trial Bottle or save with Bundles of 3, 6, or 10 bottles. Either buy with a one-off purchase or don't risk running out again AND save money with the Subscribe & Save option saving an EXTRA 10.00%, not to mention your time and shipping costs. AminoBoosters contain full strength Pure Nutrition YTE® which is a highly absorbable bioavailable...

AminoSerene for Healthy Mood: Genuine Pure YTE® & Ashwagandha Botanical Blend

$ 67.00 USD

The Secret Formula Supporting Healthy Mood  Note: AminoSerene does not ship to Japan. Orders to a Japanese destination will be refunded. All other formulas can be purchased in Japan. One of the strongest regenerative formulas in the world produced exclusively by patented cold extraction and freeze-drying techniques (18000 mg).  Share: Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest   AminoSerene: The Healthy Mood Support Supplement For Sensitive People Improves psychological...

AminoB12 for Strength & Vitality: with DynamEP™ YTE®, MecobalActive® B12, & BioPerine®

$ 77.00 USD

AminoB12 for Vitality with DynamEP™ YTE®, MecobalActive® B12, & BioPerine®  AminoB12 for Strength & Vitality: DynamEP™ YTE® Young Tissue Extract Complete Amino Acid, FGF, and Botanical Complex Share: Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reduces Stress And Anxiety, Increases Brain Health, Regulates Cells & Immunity.  This Bioavailability PowerHouse Unlocks The Healthy Response To Inflammation because this formula helps your body access nutrition up...