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With Gratitude - It's About The Love Not The Money


Congrats to all Boom!ers who've taken advantage of the 24% In 24 Hours Thanksgiving Weekend discount - you were clever to be quick to grab this!

You know that we're all about "Genuine Ingredients At The Right Dose - And Always Honest Pricing". 

So we thought long and hard about doing something special this weekend. 

We wanted to say a great big Thank You to you.

So to be honest what we're doing this weekend is for love not money! 

This 24off discount to save 24% is only available for a few more hours. It's not valid with any personal discount code you may have received. It's fairly normal for discounts to be "not valid with any other offer". 

We don't make enough margin to let you use different discounts together - otherwise we'd go broke pretty quick! So you can only use one discount at a time. 

Be sure to share the 24% saving discount code available now - 24off - with anyone who can benefit - it's only valid for a few more hours :) And of course, if you're a Get Your Boom! Back affiliate already, share it along with your affiliate link. 

Now's a great weekend to be sharing savings with people. 

I'm sure you can find a way to use the affiliate commissions you make from sharing your link. For yourself, your family or your community. (More info here: getyourboomback.com/affiliates).

MLM companies detest Get Your Boom! Back because we are NOT an MLM company - we believe in fair, honest, transparent pricing and policies. So there are never any minimum orders, you don't have to buy product every month to "qualify" for your affiliate commission, there are no "qualifying legs" or other confusions.

We simply pay you affiliate commission when you tell people about Get Your Boom! Back products - because we'd rather share that money with you than pay Facebook, Google or marketing gurus to tell people about it.

Every business has to increase sales. Otherwise the business can't stay around for long... after all, business costs increase all the time... the rare ingredients we use are expensive, our Happiness Agents on our helpdesk have to earn a living...

We want to help more people every day with our regenerative formulas. When we do that, we'd rather reward affiliates and let you as our customer earn commission on both your own purchases and when you suggest Get Your Boom! Back to other people. We are so thrilled to have been named one of the top three health product affiliate programs, earlier this year :)

Nearly all of our sales are through word of mouth, repeat sales and recommendations. That says it all, really. You know the products work well and are the best value, bar none. That's how we have customers in more than 40 countries - because of our Regenerative Formulas With Genuine Ingredients At The Right Dose - And Always Honest Pricing.

What do we mean by Genuine Ingredients?

Well, for instance, the Ginkgo Biloba we use is often called a "super brain nutrient”.

It’s one of the most popular and time-tested herbs in history to help with your memory.

Unfortunately, many brands use a cheap version that can be dangerously tainted.

Not only that, cheap versions that other companies use lack the potency your brain requires— so most people don’t get the results they deserve.

What’s even worse, when other companies use cheap toxic versions of this herb, it can even harm your brain.   

The Ginkgo Biloba in our famous AminoBoosters is a potent leaf extract used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. More than 100 different studies prove that PURE, legitimate Ginkgo Biloba is one of the best brain-nutrients ever discovered.

We pay 4 times the price for pure USP Grade Ginkgo. Other companies use cheap versions that can be dangerously high in a toxin called Ginkgolic Acid, well above the standards set by the World Health Organization.  At the dangerously high levels in some other cheap versions, Ginkgolic Acid can even cause damage to DNA and it’s potentially toxic to nerve cells and the immune system.

The pure Ginkgo we buy is "USP Grade Gingko", which is extremely safe and effective.  Here are some examples of just how safe and effective:

Ginkgo Biloba extract is currently being used as an alternative for elderly patients with depression who are resistant to standard drug therapy. This is because depression is often an early sign of cognitive decline and cerebrovascular insufficiency in elderly patients.

In one study, patients over 50 with depression received either Ginkgo or a placebo. During the 8 week study, patients remained on their antidepressant drugs. In patients treated with Ginkgo, there was an average decline in the median Hamilton Depression Scale (a standard test) scores from 14 to 7 after four weeks; the average further reduced to 4.5 after eight weeks. There was only a one-point reduction in the placebo group after eight weeks. That’s a huge 67% improvement in symptoms of depression for the Ginkgo group, and there was also a noted improvement in overall cognitive function. No side effects were reported.

In another double-blind placebo controlled study conducted by Dr. Joseph Mix at Liberty University, healthy older adults received either pure Ginkgo extract or a placebo (with no Ginkgo) for 6-weeks. At the end of the study the Ginkgo group achieved a huge 168% improvement in specific memory tests.

In another peer-reviewed study by Dr. David Kennedy at Northumbria University, just one dose of Ginkgo was proven to almost instantly increase speed of attention and quality of memory by 92% over the placebo group.  

Imagine recharging your brain and restoring your memory! Reducing "brain fog", feeling scattered, distracted, disorganised, lacking in concentration.

Ginkgo has remarkable antioxidant properties. Studies prove that this herb can:

• Inhibit brain cell failure by protecting neurons in the brain from oxidative damage.

Allow your brain to stay “charged” for longer, like a new battery, by slowing the clearance of neurotransmitters from the brain

Suppress the stress-hormone cortisol that can lead to brain damage and shrinkage. Combined with the proven cortisol-improvements of the genuine YTE® in AminoBoosters, this double-effect has huge impact. 

That’s just one example of our Genuine Ingredients. Just one example of why customers trust our supplements, ordering every month and recommending our products to people they care about.

Anyway - this started as a short post just to say thank you.

a stack of flyers on a table

Wishing you a great Thanksgiving Weekend wherever you are in the world and here's to Getting Your Boom! Back,

Best regards and all blessings,


Angela Wright MBE

Co-Founder, Get Your Boom! Back

PS To share the 24% saving discount code  - 24off - with anyone who can benefit, remember it's only valid for a few more hours :) And of course, if you're an affiliate already, share it along with your affiliate link.  People who use other higher priced supplement companies who don't use genuine ingredients at the right dose will thank you for sharing this with them! Especially customers of expensive MLM companies - so many of those people have already switched to AminoBoosters and AminoPure+. Use your 24off discount code now here to choose your favourite products and save 24% - this discount is not valid for much longer. This is a special 24% saving for 24 hours - and the hours are passing rapidly. 


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  • November 25, 2016
  • Angela Wright MBE