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A few months ago I made some remarkable discoveries in Greece.

I was with Dr Mark Hyman, JJ Virgin and other leading medical professionals. They were leading a BioHacking Conference - all about how to take easy steps so your body and mind work better.

No only does BioHacking work with an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, celiac disease, diabetes, thyroid disease such as graves or Hashimoto’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s and other life-debilitating diseases - BioHacking has a huge impact on improving everyday lives.

These well known autoimmune diseases destroy lives, shatter dreams, devastate families and can even leave people feeling deep shame. It’s heartbreaking. The tragedy we face is that these diseases are so prevalent. The truth is that 1 in 3 people are affected by autoimmune disease. 

As you know, here at Get Your Boom! Back we're committed to making the most of life, to #livinglikeitsheavenonearth. That's why we've created the regenerative formulas AminoBoosters, AminoSerene, and Telomind. Genuinine ingredients at the right dose, changing people's lives.

But there's more you need to know. I've been debating whether to tell you about a documentary series by well known Doctor, Dr. Tom O’Bryan: “Betrayal: the autoimmune disease solution they’re not telling you.”

I know everyone gets too many emails - and this series ran every day for a week. So I hesitated whether to share this information, not wanting to bombard.

The series is closed now.

Luckily there is a Replay booked for this weekend - along with a Questions & Answers event. You can get free access.

Thousands of people have already watched this series, and with questions flooding in, Dr. Tom O’Bryan is hosting a powerful Q&A on Autoimmune Disease, and an Encore Weekend in a couple of days' time.

After you register - which is free - you will be invited to send in your personal questions for the Q&A event. And get access to the Documentary Series.

You can click here to sign up and get all of the powerful information from the record-breaking Docu-series, “Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You.”

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The docu-series has been an unbelievable success and changed so many lives.  For those dealing with the many faces of Autoimmune Disease, this is the beginning of a new conversation – about hope, new information and new healing protocols.

Click here to join the Q&A Event (and get the Encore Weekend information)

You'll receive an email giving you access.

I believe this documentary is worth viewing, whether you want to be proactive and prevent disease or want to reverse a specific autoimmune disease. Interviews with experts such as Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mike Adams, Dr Mark Hyman and JJ Virgin are included, as well as with doctors and scientists from around the globe speaking with Dr. Tom – from England, Europe, the USA, Australia...

Here's a link to the short trailer of the Betrayal Series - you can watch it by clicking this link.

There are scores of stories of breakthroughs. These are people who have stopped or even reversed their disease. It is now possible to be empowered with the true solution to autoimmune disease.

“Doing these interviews has been a privilege and one of the most inspirational experiences of my life.  I literally traveled the globe (twice) gathering interviews from the leading minds on autoimmunity.” ~ Dr. Tom O’Bryan

The world’s leading medical professionals say that autoimmunity is the core cause for almost ALL disease, for cardiovascular disease, cancer, even for depression and suicide.

The Betrayal series is yours as a gift this weekend. There’s no cost, other than your time. You can share this email and video trailer with those you love who are affected or want to protect their health and family.

Watch the trailer here by clicking this link.

Was I right to share this information with you here? Please let me know what you think?

Best regards and all blessings,


Angela Wright MBE
Co-Founder, Get Your Boom! Back

PS:  This upcoming Q&A session is where you get the information you need about autoimmunity: click here to join the Q&A Event and get the details about the Encore Weekend.

  • November 30, 2016
  • Angela Wright MBE