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Here's the shorter version:

What do 350 million people around the world suffer with?

What has the biggest impact on your health and happiness, your family’s well-being and your finances?

At the extreme, one person every 40 seconds commits suicide because of this – and that shocking number is forecast to double to one person dying every 20 seconds by 2020.

And it’s preventable.

For years, I’ve been investigating how to deal with this. Many people find it “runs in their family”, it can affect clusters of people in geographic locations or certain professions.

Doctors, dentists, police officers, veterinarians, the finance industry, real estate agents, electricians, lawyers, farmers, pharmacists and chemists, military personnel and veterans – these are the highest risk groups.

If you or your family are older than 35, you’re most at risk. More men are at risk than women, with three times as many men suffering so much they choose to commit suicide. Men in their 40s onwards are most at risk, while for women the problem years are between 35-54 years old.

The most requested question we’re asked to answer is how to lift low mood, how to help happiness.

Anxiety, the 'Black Dog', depression, fatigue, lethargy, lack of energy and enthusiasm, stress, worry ... all dangerously impact your quality of life.

Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder in the world and typically affects you for 8 long years. That’s a long time to be depressed!

The most common way to treat depression is with chemical antidepressants called SSRIs, which stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.  

Serotonin is a “happy” chemical that’s produced in the brain and has powerful effects on your mood.  

Depressed people have about 2/5 the amount of circulating serotonin as non-depressed people.

Suicidal people have only 10% the amount of circulating serotonin. They’re missing 90% of what they need!

The use of SSRIs has increased 400% since 1988 - for people who struggle with depression they can be really useful if they don’t have other means to cope with the illness – but there are serious side effects and increasing numbers of people are becoming depressed, for longer.

Life’s too short to live like that.

The three "happiness killers" you can stop right now are:

  • Poor Nutrition - start by cutting out sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, and artificial ingredients. Read the labels. Or better still, cook from scratch with ingredients without labels, like vegetables :)
  • Inactivity - our bodies are electric, so it's important to "recharge the batteries" by moving
  • Not Enough Sleep - if you can't sleep, try getting up really early and doing something physical but boring, like cleaning or ironing, then have an active day and go to bed early. Repeat until you are sleeping better.

Imagine if you could shake off those low feelings and instead had more energy to exercise, socialize, eat better, and make more money?

There are seven steps proven to affect your mood and mental wellbeing.

Achieve these seven factors and it’s inevitable that you’ll be happier.

Of course, for some people there are deeper-seated psychological factors at play but for the majority of us, addressing these seven simple steps profoundly improve your happiness.

It can seem like a vicious circle.

Here are your 7 Simple Tweaks To Lighten Your Mood:

1. Eat better - eat fewer toxins (excess sugar is a toxin) to disrupt your gut, also known as your “second brain”. Aim to eat within a "window", so you leave a long gap between your last meal and your first meal. Your body can repair and refresh when it has 14 or more hours of "Intermittent fasting", so for example have your last meal before 7pm and your first meal after 9am. Eat natural unprocessed food as much as possible, and take high quality supplements to get the vital nutrients your brain and body need.

2. Drink more water - most people are chronically dehydrated. Try the 5 bottle challenge - fill 5 bottles (any size) with water and drink your way through them during the day. Start first thing in the morning and continue until you go to bed. You can increase the size of the bottles as you get good at this. See how it helps you feel so much better. 

3. Move more - when you exercise, your body literally recharges and re-energises. Start small, and increase a little every day. I guarantee there are some ways you won't have thought of:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Cleaning
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Juggling
  • Pilates
  • Playing music
  • Playing with the children
  • Qi Gong
  • Sex
  • Singing
  • Stairs
  • Swimming
  • Tai Chi
  • Volunteering
  • Walking
  • Weights
  • Yoga

4. Meditation is proven to powerfully activate the pineal gland, enabling life to flow easier for you and even achieve feelings of bliss. You can meditate when walking, cooking, cleaning, exercising, gardening, praying, singing, sunbathing, in the bath, as you fall asleep, or when you first wake up. Just notice your thoughts and let them go, then bring your attention back to your breathing.

5. Breathing - this may sound silly, because of course you're breathing. Try breathing out for longer, then breathing in deeper. Slow, deep breaths can oxygenate your brain and body.

Don't be afraid to avoid negativity, too. If someone's complaining and making you feel bad, change the company you keep. You'll feel much better for it.

6. Socialising and friendships minimise the negative emotions of anger and dispute, loneliness and despair. If you want to have more friends, be more of a friend. This directory https://www.energizeinc.com/directory/volopps/global shows you places where you can help others. Give More, Receive More ...

7. Manage your money - spend less than you have and save for a rainy day, and for peace of mind. Of course, money doesn’t buy happiness but it does contribute to peace of mind. Financial stress is a big problem. Plus, money buys tea and chocolate – which definitely contribute to happiness, in our opinion.

These seven tweaks will have a big impact on how you feel.

In fact, they can decrease your risk of Alzeimer's Disease by 52% and even increase the size of your brain.

The trouble is, when you're feeling down, you’re unlikely to have the energy and enthusiasm to address even one of these factors, let alone all seven.

That's when you need an extra boost.

AminoBoosters rebuild your cells and manage your cortisol, the "stress hormone" giving you the extra boost you need to make these simple tweaks.

This is how to achieve happiness, lift low mood, counter cyclical depression and chronic sadness.

It's now known that pharmaceutical drugs have damaging side effects on mind and body.

Escaping the cycle of despair, depression and inactivity can seem hopeless, until you start.

There’s no silver bullet to wellness but there is an arsenal of defense mechanisms which make a massive difference.

Nutrition plays a key role – because it can address part of the problem involuntarily and possibly give the edge to encourage taking action in the other, more mindful areas too.

Sometimes it can seem like the odds are stacked against you – but there’s always something you can do to help yourself and your loved ones.

Many members of my family, for generations, have suffered with lack of mental wellbeing. In the “old days” it wasn’t understood and still, today, in many parts of the world and in many professions there’s a lack of understanding and concern. That’s why so many of us have explored many different avenues – with integrated medicine adding to and enhancing conventional health practice.

My own family experiences have been among the driving forces that prompted me to research wellness and develop our own products.

We know that AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ have a big impact on reducing cortisol and inflammation – both proven to be underneath depression.

YTE®, the hero ingredient in both AminoBoosters and AminoPure+, is clinically proven to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Around the world, hundreds of thousands believe they are taking YTE® - but only a fraction actually are. That’s why you’re smart if you’re getting your YTE® from Get Your Boom! Back, with ingredients and dosage you can trust, and why so many people are moving from other supplement companies to Get Your Boom! Back, on a daily basis.

There’s a big gaping hole in people’s nutritional needs?

As I’ve been known to say more than once, if you take the right supplements, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, meditate, exercise… it still won’t help you if you walk in front of a bus.

And that bus can be the equivalent of eating poorly, lacking vital nutrients, not enough time to exercise or relax, insufficient sleep…

But all those things… supplements, real food, sleep, meditation and exercise… those five things can seem all too hard if you have long term impacts from depression or anxiety, forgetfulness or scattered thoughts.

If you are missing crucial vitamins, minerals and botanicals clinically proven to boost serotonin – the happiness chemical.

Do you look at other people who are happy and successful, and wonder what’s inside you that's preventing it from happening for you?

Are you tired of feeling anxious, depressed, panicked, worried?

Do you wish you could achieve that mindfulness people talk about, where you’re enjoying the moment and feeling at peace with the world?

More and more of us struggle with changes in our mood that keep us from being the person we could truly be.

We’re stopped from living the best life we could live.

What if it isn’t your fault?

What if changes to the food we are able to eat and even the water in our taps is holding you back?

What if your neglect of your brain and body is what’s getting in your way? And that will have serious consequences for you not just right now – which is bad enough because living with the Black Dog on your shoulders is hard work – but can cripple you physically and mentally as you grow older.

Get Your Boom! Back supplements are designed to be:


  • Anti anxiety 
  • Creative calm
  • Focus and energy levels
  • Mood management
  • Memory and metabolism maximiser 
  • Stress stopper

So you wave goodbye to worrying.

Bring Out The Best You

Every single ingredient we use has been qualified and carefully calculated within our proprietary formulas.

Regain the energy of your youth by slowing the telomere shortening and damage caused by environmental toxins, pesticides and pollution.

Your telomeres are the little “protective caps” at the end of each strand of your cellular DNA. They control ageing. In fact, telomeres are so critically important to ageing that some medical professionals are now calling telomeres your “eternal youth genes”, and for good reason.

Did you know that every day the cells in your body divide as many as 2 trillion times? 

As old cells die, your clever body replaces them with a duplicate.  But just like a photocopy, these duplicates are slightly less perfect than the original. 

A Nobel Prize-winning discovery revealed that with each cell division, it’s the telomeres (those protective caps at the end of DNA) that are degraded and significantly reduced in size each time. 

It’s easiest to think of your telomeres as like the protective plastic tips at the end of your shoe laces.  When those caps disintegrate, the entire shoe lace unravels.  It’s the same thing with your telomeres and the delicate cells of your body.  As your telomeres degrade and shorten, your body ages rapidly.

As you age, without protecting your telomeres, each year you live an increasingly lower quality of life until your telomeres are completely worn out and you die.

But breakthrough medical research shows that by boosting the health of your telomeres you dramatically slow your ageing and add high-quality, happy years to your life!

This means that even when your chronological age goes up, your cells stay young and vibrant!  We’ve all seen a 50 year old man or woman who doesn’t look a day past 35 and other 50 year olds who look like they could easily pass for 70. 

What’s most important is your cellular age and the ingredients in our formulas help to protect this.

What if your feelings of getting old, tiredness, anxiety, are also because your body’s power plants aren’t working well?

Your mitochondria are the little electric power plants inside your body’s cells.  The more energy produced by your mitochondria produce, the more energetic and positive you feel.

Each day you get older, your mitochondria decrease in number. You can actually lose as many as 50% of your mitochondria and the remaining ones only work at 50% capacity. That means there’s not so much energy getting to your brain, heart, lungs – in fact, to all parts of your body.

It’s vital you have the nutrients needed to dramatically improve your mitochondria performance and function.

You’ve probably heard of “free radicals” too.

One of the main causes of both aging and inflammation is free radical damage. These are molecules who seek out healthy cells, stealing their energy. In nature, you’ll have seen a banana or potato turn brown when it’s cut, or metal go rusty. This is oxidative stress. The same sort of thing happens when the cells of your body are attacked by pollution and stressors – whether sun damage, exercise or simply worrying too much.

Luckily, we have anti-oxidants, to protect us. Your body does not produce antioxidant vitamins naturally, so it is essential to include dietary sources every day. This way, your cells stay youthful and energetic, able to be a great “operating system” for your brain and body.

Without paying attention to what your body needs, you’ll have increasingly shortened telomeres, mitochondrial die-off, and oxidative stress accelerating.

It’s certain that population ageing is widespread across the world. Thanks in part to improvements made in global health, people are living much longer.

A recent study published in the journal Lancet found that global life expectancy rose by more than six years, from 65.3 years to 71.5, in the last 25 years.

The bad news is that this same study also found although people are living longer, they’re also increasingly battling chronic illnesses like heart and respiratory diseases. That’s going to leave both families and nations struggling to take care of the healthcare needs.

But we’ve digressed… happiness and staying younger are both possible with the right knowledge.

Even if you can see wrinkles and age spots, even if you’ve been gaining weight…

Even if you struggle with your memory, your focus, with feeling more tired than you used to. Even if your joints and muscles ache… even if some days you just look and sound old and miserable.

Help is at hand with Get Your Boom! Back formulas . 

If you ever struggle with mood, metabolism, concentration or anxiety, you could have deficiencies in the vital nutrients needed by your brain and body.

Cheap and nasty versions do more harm than good. They don’t even make it into your body tissues, where it’s needed. So you’ll only notice a difference if you take the activated, circulating forms of these vitamins.....which is what we use, every time.

Our formulas don't deplete your body's own production of serotonin. Other "feel good" supplements can rob your body of naturally produced serotonin, leaving you feeling terrible a few hours later. That’s not the case with Get Your Boom! Back formulas.

Some mineral levels are very low in the soils where we grow our vegetables, grains and graze livestock.

With increasing intensification of farming, with most livestock not outside benefiting from mineral rich pastures, this problem is widespread worldwide.

The food plants that we and animals eat are increasingly short of nutrients, as they’re grown quicker and less organically.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency is becoming an increasingly common cause of thyroid health problems in Australia and elsewhere. Here are just two examples:

More than 50% of children and pregnant or breastfeeding women living in Australia have been shown to be iodine deficient, and are at risk of developing thyroid disease.

Low levels of zinc are the first physiological sign that you might be depressed since your brain quickly dumps it out of its neurons when something goes wrong. In the body, it engages with more than 300 enzymes, many of which work in the brain.

Zinc is an essential mineral that may be lacking in modern processed and strict diets. The body has no special zinc storage capability, so it’s important to consume a bit of zinc on a regularly.

Zinc plays a part in modulating the brain and body’s response to stress. The highest amount of zinc in the body is found in our brains, particularly in a part of our brains called the hippocampus. Zinc deficiency can lead to symptoms of depression, ADHD, difficulties with learning and memory, seizures, aggression, and violence.

So it's obvious you need the right nutrients.

And Get Your Boom! Back formulas include what you need.

Are There Side Effects?

Yes: you should feel better and begin to Get Your Boom! Back.

Over time, we expect you to experience Extreme Happiness.

You shouldn’t have any negative side effects.

What If I'm On Medication?

Of course, always talk with your health professional before trying anything new.

We are so excited to bring our formulas to you.

Get the answer 350 million people are looking for.

Here's to you Getting Your Boom! Back :)

Here's to living our best,


Angela Wright MBE and all the team at Get Your Boom! Back

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