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You may remember I was in California. Seeing bear and deer in Yosemite Park, meeting colleagues, friends, and family in LA and San Diego.

Our YTE® supplier flew in to meet with me. And we secretly agreed something which is going to blow you away.

But first, here’s why.

Supplement companies lie.

Shocking, I know.

Just like pharmaceutical companies (in fact, most of the major supplement companies are owned by big pharma.

Drug giant Bayer (ex I G Farben, purchaser of Monsanto) spent $1.2 billion buying one of the big supplement companies Schiff Nutrition; Bayer also own Berocca, and many other supplement companies. Read my book “The Truth About YTE” for Bayer’s connections with the Nazi Concentration Camps, for which they’ve recently “apologised”.

Research (and intuition) reveals consumers have little confidence in these big companies, and not much more confidence in supplements generally. One of the biggest in the industry owning something like Monsanto doesn’t help.

The less they spend on supplement ingredients, the more they can spend on marketing gimmicks to trick you into buying, and the greater their margins.

Back in the 1990s, the US Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (aka "DSHEA") which says supplement manufacturers don’t need FDA approval for dietary supplements. These huge supplement companies have made billions and billions of dollars hand over fist ever since then.

Many spend millions of dollars a year on the top marketing and design agencies and resources in the world.

Because they know they’ll easily get massive financial returns by pushing all your “buy buttons” so you’ll hand over your hard-earned cash.

Supplement companies didn’t HAVE to do rigorous testing for safety, efficacy, or purity for ANY of their products. You may have heard on the news how retail outlets like GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target were busted for selling supplements that did not actually have the supplement ingredient they were selling! They were selling pills with powdered rice and houseplants instead of the supplement you paid for and laughing all the way to the bank while doing it.

Seems unbelievable.

But it’s true.

Their punishment? They were asked to remove the fake supplements from their shelves and GNC had to pay a minuscule fine.

I became so angry when I learnt this, years ago.

Get Your Boom! Back was built out of this fury.

We only use genuine ingredients, guaranteed.

We only use clinical doses, proven to get results.

We are committed to honest pricing, always.

We work with top manufacturers and suppliers, biochemists and FDA inspectors, to ensure you get what you need.

Not, as David calls it, “sawdust”!


We find all the scientific research around nutrition and supplement topics, and go through the research with a fine-tooth comb, and with our biochemists and FDA advisors.

As a small family-owned business (with no donors, sponsors, or advertisers), we don’t peddle you fake or bogus supplements that don’t work.

We rely on your trust, and we guard this privilege very carefully.

So, what was the secret arrangement with our supplier?

He’d been telling me about his favourite formula for a while.

One he developed himself, and had manufactured especially for him and friends.

By the time we met, I’d already tried this for myself with my own family and team.

This is Theresa’s favourite formula of all time.

What we discovered shocked us.

This formula works particularly well for sensitive people.

Are you a highly sensitive person?

Or maybe you know someone who is.

Highly sensitive people often “feel too much” and “feel too deep”.

The brains of “HSPs” actually work differently.

And highly sensitive people are increasing in number.

In fact, an estimated 15-25% of people are now HSPs.

Just yesterday, I was in a meeting with a very “geeky” person, highly successful in running his financial technology company. Someone who writes code and solves complex mathematical problems.

To my surprise, unprompted and out of the blue, he started talking about deeply held beliefs, showing a level of compassion and consciousness I hadn’t expected to find.

These people often question the status quo. Not because they can … but because they literally can’t bear what passes as “normal” and acceptible for the rest of the world.

Challenging injustice. Righting wrongs. Going out of their way to make the world better.

Although there are many positive aspects of being a highly sensitive person, such as greater ability to listen, more empathy, intuitiveness, better understanding of others' wants and needs … many aspects of high sensitivity can be difficult and complicated.

Preston Ni and Tedd Zeff, in their books “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide” and other books on the subject, say violent movies and news reports can be the worst. Because highly sensitive people are so high in empathy and more easily overstimulated, movies with violence or horror themes can be overwhelming.

One of the hallmark characteristics of highly sensitive people is the ability to feel more deeply than their less-sensitive peers. "They like to process things on a deep level," Ted Zeff, Ph.D., says. “They're very intuitive, and go very deep inside to try to figure things out."

People who are highly sensitive will react more in a situation, such as having more empathy and feeling more concern for a friend's problems. And they're probably used to hearing, "Don't take things so personally" and "Why are you so sensitive?"

The personality trait was first researched by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D., in the early 1990s and is relatively common, with as many as one in five people possessing it.

You know that uncomfortable feeling you get after you realise you've made a bad decision? For highly sensitive people, "that emotion is amplified because the emotional reactivity is higher," Aron explains.

“They can be more prone to anxiety or depression, with a nervous system set to 'anxious,'" Aron says.

Any annoying sound is probably significantly more annoying to a highly sensitive person. While it's hard to say anyone is a fan of annoying noises, highly sensitive people are on a whole more, well, sensitive to chaos and noise.

This can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety, fatigue, memory loss, and be a disaster personally and professionally.

That’s where Cai’s formula comes in.

With a powerful but gentle combination of YTE®, pure patented Ashwagandha, and Citrulline, within a supportive botanical blend, this formula improves psychological and endocrine stress, reduces blood sugar, cortisol and fatigue, promotes positive mood and improves memory.

The overall feeling is one of calm, focus, and serenity.

The feeling and benefits are remarkable.

So we’ve called it AminoSerene.

And we persuaded Cai to let us buy a limited quantity of his secret formula, which has been blended and bottled in one of our favourite, cGMP factories - in fact, the world's leading manufacturer of nutritional formulations, in the USA.

And needless to say, because Cai’s a stickler for quality, every single ingredient matches our usual extremely high standards.

We have a limited number of bottles available for pre-order. They’re on the way to our warehouses now, so shipping will be in early July, for the lucky ones who order now.

This is a Limited Edition.

We will make more AminoSerene subject to the response we get.

We can’t wait to hear from you when you’ve taken this.

So how does AminoSerene compare with AminoBoosters and AminoPure+?

Here’s the lowdown of what each one does:

AminoBoosters: More Energy, More Enthusiasm, Reduced Stress And Anxiety, Increased Brain Health

Stimulates HGH production and enhances stem cells, reduces cortisol, inflammation, and toxin attacks with genuine YTE® amino acid complex plus botanicals.

AminoPure+: YTE® Bioavailability PowerHouse Unlocks The Healthy Response To Inflammation, With 2000% More Effectiveness

Helps your body access nutrition up to 2000% more effectively with the power of Norwegian-process YTE® amino acid complex, BioPerine® and Highest-strength Vitamin C (free from ginkgo biloba)

AminoSerene: The Healthy Mood Support Supplement For Sensitive People Improves psychological and endocrine stress, reduces blood sugar, cortisol, and fatigue, promotes positive mood and improves memory, with the power of YTE® balanced amino acid complex, Sensoril® Ashwagandha, Citrulline and botanical complex.

As a member in this group, here are two special deals for you on this Limited Edition AminoSerene:

- AminoSerene is available to pre-order today at a huge 28% SAVING only for the first few people to order. So I wanted you to know about this first. Shipping in early July: https://www.getyourboomback.com/…/aminoserene-genuine-pure-…

- And we’re giving one FREE bottle of AminoSerene with EVERY Get Your Boom! Back order or subscription for any formulas, with a total order over £125 / €145 / $170 USD / $300 AUD: https://www.getyourboomback.com/collections/frontpage

I wanted you to know about this first.

This is a Very Limited Time Offer. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

If popular, we’ll manufacture AminoSerene again and then will be selling at the full price. (We think you’ll love it, so our manufacturers are on stand by … but it depends on your response.)

As we come to the close of the first half of 2018, are you making the most of every day?

Which provides the best support to you? AminoBoosters, AminoPure+, or AminoSerene?
Jump on here to make your choice: getyourboomback.com/collections/genuine-yte-formulas

Just place your order.

And enjoy!

As I've said, once these are gone, they're gone. Because this is such a Limited Edition, the chance to order won't be around for long so order yours while you can.

Let me know what you think …

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  • June 24, 2018
  • Angela Wright MBE