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Yay! My gallbladder is smiling.

And to think my surgeon wanted to cut it out as an emergency and I had to use all my willpower and determination to be released from the hospital.

700,000 gallbladder operations take place in the US every year. 

That's 700,000 people without an important body part.

a close up of a toy


As you can see, it's a tiny but important part of your body.

Yes, you can live without it.

But more information is coming to light about what happens when you don't have your gallbladder.

And what you need to do to compensate.

It takes time to look after "body parts" instead of having them removed... when you get that close to it...

Earlier this year I was preoccupied with Saving My Gallbladder which was looking like it would be on the Endangered Species (Organs) List.

Despite being pretty healthy, I had allowed some bad habits to develop...

Too much work - although I love what I do

Not enough exercise

Too much snacking

And those were just 3 of my bad habits.

Coupled with being fair, over xxxty, having had lots of children... I was particularly at risk.

All this I discovered when it was almost too late...

The ultrasound showed at least one 24mm gallstone apparently "stuck". I was admitted by ambulance. My surgeon wanted to operate next day. But I knew there was another way.

So I set to work to Save My Gallbladder. And it's been a complete success!

I did so much research, preparation, and consultation to create a completely comprehensive protocol and it's paid off.

So many stones softened, dissolved and eliminated.

No pain, no nausea, nice and easy.

Some stones are more that 20mm, several are more than 10mm!

Around 500 removed, in total, in the first flush! 

I dropped more than 5kg in weight!

So much more energetic - back to the real me again a close up of a tattoo

Happy to share the details if this will help you or someone you know.

Glad to be "back"!

If you want to know more, I've created a report here: stonedthesolution.com/free-information.

And I've teamed up with a TCM Dr who's been a huge source of info, and is happy to help my friends and customers.

More info here: stonedthesolution.com/free-information.

Of course, always consult your medical professional (preferably an Integrated Health Doctor) when making any medical decisions.

Hope you find the info here helpful: stonedthesolution.com/free-information

  • November 03, 2017
  • Angela Wright MBE