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Living on the Sunshine Coast, the quality and freshness of the food available is outstanding. Yet it can be expensive and time-consuming to prepare fresh, healthy meals day in, day out – and easy to succumb to fast-food, prepackaged meals, an excess of sugar… and not give our bodies the nutrients we need.

I know that much of the food we eat has become “dead and sterilized”.

In addition, there is huge confusion about RDAs (“recommended daily allowances”) of vitamins and minerals; our water supplies are contaminated with farm animal antibiotics and industrial toxins; as a result, ever-increasingly compromised immune systems, IBS, stress, depression and other diseases make it hard for people to live life to the full.

We are making AminoBoosters® available to help families take care of their health – without dangerous drugs or unaffordable expense. Amino Boosters® regenerative, real food formulas combined with cutting edge technology is clinically proven.

In the olden days (when I was a child, even) many of the eggs we ate were fertilized. Sometimes the hens would steal away and make a nest, brooding their eggs until we found them and collected them for the kitchen, along with the rest. So no doubt sometimes we were naturally eating fertilized, partially incubated eggs.

That never happens any more.

Much of our food is sterilized, damaged, harmful to our health. Our milk is pasteurized and homogenized. While the pasteurization has saved many lives, homogenization is purely to increase shelf-life and has no benefits to human health, in fact there are many studies showing completely the opposite.

Trans-fats were artificially hardened to keep food fresher longer – and have proven to be disastrous for human health. Some are still in our food chain. Whoever thought that would be a good idea? Whoever approved those to be included within our food chain?

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Even Subway were recently forced by law to remove ingredients related to rubber that they’d been putting in their breads, to keep it fresher longer.

And don’t get me started on the huge quantities of sugar pushed at us everywhere we look – at the petrol station, the newsagents, the supermarket checkouts, the vending machines…

Even our fruits and veggies contain less vitamins and minerals than they used to, due to the soil degradation of commercial farming. If you want to know more you might like to read "In defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto" by Michael Pollan

No wonder we need a little help.

That’s why Amino Boosters® are here for you. Sanity in an insane world. Easy, affordable, proven, guaranteed.