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Mintycoco & MouthMonsters Oil Therapy Mouthwash Wholesale Prices

Mintycoco: Whitens Your Teeth, Brightens Your Day

MouthMonsters: Advanced Oil Therapy Mouthwash Safe For Kids

The Premium All Natural, Organic Oil Pulling Therapy Mouthwash

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More information about Mintycoco and MouthMonsters 

Mintycoco works with dental health professionals to provide Vitalock System™ coconut oil pulling oral health solutions to clients and patients, enhancing health while contributing to practice profitability.

Mintycoco is a Teeth Whitening Detox – it Whitens Your Teeth, Brightens Your Day. A box of Mintycoco contains 14 individual packets for a complete 14 Day Detox.

Subscriptions are for a second box to arrive after 14 days and then every month – using half a sachet a day means that one pack lasts a month.

The perfect subscription product to dramatically improve oral hygiene.

MouthMonsters is Advanced Mouthwash Safe For Kids, again sold as a 14 day course after which one pack lasts a month. This is the perfect subscription product for parents to take care of their children’s oral health.

Both products are NICNAS accredited and conform to TGA, FDA & ISO requirements. 

Mintycoco Retail and Wholesale Pricing And Information 

We currently have sufficient in stock for large orders. If you are interested in a large quantity please let us know as soon as possible otherwise there may be a delay in fulfilling your entire order. When we need to manufacture new stock, our normal manufacturing turnaround can be in as little as 2 weeks but for the best pricing, 4 weeks is preferred.

With 500,000 online monthly searches for oil pulling, we help dental and other health professionals, health food stores and retailers to meet the demand for the best oil-pulling producta available.

(Note: sources for all facts given in this document are at the foot of this document.)

As well as Wholesale Prices, we provide our retail partners with Affiliate Links so when you are posting on your social media or on your website, if anyone purchases online you still earn commission. Affiliate Commission on sales from our website is normally >12% with no stock for you to buy. So you can sell to your patients, clients, customers both at your premises and also online, and earn both ways.

This gives you “two bites of the cherry” and serves your patients, clients and customers wherever and however they wish to buy.

More About MouthMonsters:

Now you can save your child from rotten teeth.
According to the Australian Dental Health Association, children’s oral health is in crisis. Pulling out teeth under anaesthetic is a preventable risk.
Old school toothcare isn't working.

So we created MouthMonsters: mild, organic oil pulling mouthwash safe for kids. Unique Vitalock virgin coconut oil flavoured with natural mint and strawberry.

MouthMonsters seek and destroy up to 8bn plaque-forming bad bacteria. Left in the child’s mouth, these rapidly cause tooth decay.

Easily swish those bad bugs away. Get MouthMonsters Now - Protect Young Smiles

Using our unique Vitalock system to extract the raw alkaline organic coconut oil from fair trade farmed Sri Lankan coconuts, we have created the world's ONLY safe children’s mouthwash.

MouthMonsters are delivered to you in convenient packets, so using MouthMonsters is super-easy. Easily and safely swish those Bad Bugs away. Find out more at www.mouthmonsters.com

Advanced oral care for children with unique coconut oil pulling which tastes like icecream – naturally flavoured with mint and strawberry to taste great and go to work on the bad bugs in your child’s mouth.

The Vitalock System™ is unique to Mintycoco and MouthMonsters, the gentle no-heat way to capture all the nutrients from raw, alkaline, organically farmed extra virgin coconut oil, handpicked in the mornings and processed same day. Vitalock Your Health™.

More About Mintycoco:

Mintycoco is a natural minty flavoured coconut oil mouthwash which traps the billions of bad bacteria, viruses and fungi in your mouth. These are caused by tooth decay and gum disease affecting 91% of adults in the USA and also high numbers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

With oil pulling, the bacteria, viruses and fungi are captured in the raw alkaline coconut oil and peppermint formula. Clinically proven to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

Without oil pulling using Mintycoco, these toxins can enter the blood stream via sub lingual absorption, inflaming the body and weakening immunity.

8 billion bacteria, viruses and fungi live in the mouth. Oral health is linked to asthma, arthritis, diabetes, fatigue, migraine headaches, inflammation, bad breath, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, cavities and tooth pain.

  • Traditional mouthwashes, toothpastes and flossing are not solving the problem. The clinically proven solution is oil pulling therapy to improve health and whiten teeth.
  • In addition, oil pulling is a gentle, non-aggressive way to remove debris from your mouth so does not cause gums to bleed, avoids opening entrances to the bloodstream and the rest of the body to those damaging bacteria.
  • Oil pulling has been trending online in health and beauty, celebrity and sports circles since 2005 although it’s a 3,000 year old Ayervedic practice which is now clinically proven as effective.

Mintycoco’s unique Vitalock SystemTM formulation is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral. All while being completely natural from organic sources.

What Makes Mintycoco Different From Other Coconut Oils?

Mintycoco is the only oil pulling formulation made with the Vitalock Extraction SystemTM that is

  • 100% Raw
  • Alkaline
  • Extra virgin
  • Cold pressed
  • USDA Orginic registered
  • Handpicked organic coconuts from Fairtrade farmers
  • Trademark and patent-pending VitaLock Extraction SystemTM which protects the vital raw nutrients
  • Delicious and easy, designed for home and travel
  • Supporting children in Sri Lanka to escape extreme poverty, giving the gift of dental health, paying teachers,providing meals, funding sustainable gardening and farming
Relax: You’re Getting Rid Of The Bad Guys

Mintycoco is like a natural minty flavoured mouthwash which traps the billions of bad bacteria, viruses and fungi in your mouth. These are caused by tooth decay and gum disease affecting 91% of adults in the USA and similar numbers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK

The toxins from your mouth are captured in the raw alkaline coconut oil and peppermint formula. Clinically proven to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral.

If you don't oil pull with Mintycoco, these bad guys can invade your blood stream via sub lingual absorption, inflaming your body and weakening your immunity.

8 billion bacteria, viruses and fungi live in your mouth. Even more than there are people on Earth!

This overload is linked to asthma, arthritis, diabetes, fatigue, migraine headaches, inflammation, bad breath, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, cavities and tooth pain.

Old style mouthwashes, toothpastes and flossing are not solving the problem. The clinically proven solution is oil pulling to improve health and whiten teeth.

The trouble is, using an oil pulling mouthwash till now has been messy, inconvenient and quite frankly can taste terrible.

When you do Oil Pulling the RIGHT way, you get even more important benefits than a white smile and fresh breath.

You absorb a LOT through your mouth directly into your bloodstream WITHOUT swallowing. It’s called “sublingual absorbtion”. So the bad news: toxins in your mouth, plaque on your teeth... directly contribute to ill health not just in your mouth but throughout your body.

How Do You Use Mintycoco?

Three simple steps make a Mintycoco morning the best way to start your day.

  • You simply Swirl

  • And Swish the delicious Mintycoco

  • Then Spit out this toxic overload before you brush your teeth.

Mintycoco comes as a 14 Day Detox: there are 14 gorgeous little Mintycoco sachets in each box.

Mintycoco helps whiten your teeth and removes plaque - so your Kissability rating goes through the roof!

The raw alkaline coconut oil is combined with an exact combination of peppermint essence, beautifully packaged for convenience. So whether you want to oil pull at home, on the go or travelling, Mintycoco is perfect.

Mintycoco Uses The World’s Healthiest Coconuts
Only Mintycoco guarantees you the world’s healthiest oil pulling formulation using the Vitalock Extraction SystemTM. 100% pure, raw, highly alkaline, organically farmed coconut oil and peppermint essence. We do not believe in wild harvesting. Jungles and wild spaces are for wildlife.
Mintycoco partners with coconut farmers whose handpicked coconuts are USD certified organic. Mintycoco has led the way in also getting these farmers certified Fair Trade, protecting them, their families and their land into the future. Only Mintycoco ensures you receive this unique coconut oil, processed without heat using the VitaLock Extraction SystemTM which protects the vital raw nutrients. So you get all the goodness. 14 days to whiter teeth and a healthier mouth. Deliciously natural coconut oil pulling mouthwash: that’s Mintycoco. Find out more at www.mintycoco.com


Mintycoco in 15 seconds: watch https://youtu.be/FYomhCvP3E8 

The best way to oil pull, why use coconut oil and the scientific evidence for oil pulling


Can dentists sell Mintycoco?

Yes, Mintycoco is NICNAS accredited and conforms to TGA requirements for health and beauty products.

What are the benefits of coconut oil pulling – including medical citations


Clinically proven coconut oil pulling solutions for dental health professionals


Mintycoco in the media


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