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Real Reviews


In 2014, we created an entity called Get Your Boom! Back as a supplement company to sell YTE® supplements. This was a result of flying to Norway to meet Nils Christian Mortensen and Svein Gulbrandsen from Med-Eq. At the time Med-Eq owned the YTE® ingredient.

We began selling our first AminoBoosters through Get Your Boom! Back in 2014. Initially, this was operated from Australia. In 2016, we formed a company in the USA called Health Evolution LLC with three ways for people to purchase our genuine Norwegian supplements, through our wholly owned entities dba (doing business as) Get Your Boom! Back, LifeDesigner/LifeDesigner Supplements and Health Evolution Project.

We subsequently formulated additional YTE® supplements including TeloMind in 2016 and later AminoB12, AminoSerene, and TeloNine.

TeloMind was initially sold through our entity LifeDesigner/LifeDesigner Supplements via the distributor Bernard Chung who we allowed to use our LifeDesigner website and sales materials.

AminoBoosters is our original formula; to begin with, TeloMind was the same formula as AminoBoosters, manufactured at the same time. We added Rhodiola rosea to make TeloMind slightly different from AminoBoosters.

From 2016 to 2019, Bernard Chung received Telomind from Health Evolution and sold it under the company name Health Evolution LLC dba LifeDesigner. We generously sponsored the material support he needed to sell our products. From the establishment of an entity called "LifeDesigner", we have supported all expenses until 2019 when the agreement was terminated.




“My Doctor said to me, ‘How are you working full-time with your symptoms?’ I told him: AminoBoosters makes this possible for me and is the one thing I can’t live without - that’s why I buy a year’s supply at a time.”

- Barbie from California



“I’ve been buying from you since 2015 and your products make a world of difference. I thought I’d try going without … and that was a big mistake because the pain has been terrible - I had to ask my Doctor for morphine. I’ve tried everything else and nothing works like your formulas. Please send me another 6 bottles because I’m never going to run out again.”

- Eileen from Queensland Australia

Curtis Martin from California purchased TeloMind from Health Evolution's LifeDesigner, beginning in April 2018. Review given 2019.


Kyungmi Kwak first purchased TeloMind from Health Evolution's since 2017. Review given 2019.


Deborah, also from California, who’s a long-term customer and a teacher, says many of her pupils have been unwell and yet she’s never ill since taking our formulas. Deborah has been a continuous customer since 2017.


KeeHae Noh started purchasing TeloMind from Health Evolution's LifeDesigner in 2017 and now buys direct from Health Evolution, still enjoying the benefits today. Review given 2019.


A remarkable interview between Angela K Wright MBE, Cofounder of Health Evolution, and one of our customers. Chip has been using AminoBoosters continually since 2017 to make a huge difference in his life.


Rachel Choi from California purchased TeloMind from Health Evolution's LifeDesigner in 2018. Review given 2019.

Jeong Insook from California first  purchased TeloMind from Health Evolution's LifeDesigner in 2017. Review given 2019.


Joy Kim from California first purchased TeloMind in 2017 from Health Evolution's LifeDesigner. Review given 2019.


 Bryce Stevens talks about the results of his children taking AminoB12, purchased from Health Evolution's Get Your Boom! Back. Review filmed 2019.

Amy Kang from California first purchased TeloMind in 2018 from Health Evolution's LieDesigner and is still a current customer, now buying direct from Health Evolution. Review given 2019.


Jason Baek from California first purchased TeloMind from Health Evolution's LifeDesigner in 2018. Review given 2019.

Chip's second interview with Angela Wright MBE regarding AminoB12 purchased from Health Evolution. Review filmed 2019. 

Dr Philip Rock from California first purchased TeloMind from Health Evolution's LifeDesigner in 2016. Review given 2019.



Pasquale Santoro from California first purchased TeloMind from Health Evolution's LifeDesigner in 2016. Review given 2019.

M.J. from California started using TeloMind during her employment with LifeDesigner in 2017. Review given 2019.



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