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Get Your Boom! Back In Asia through Brand Advocate Darren Jerome Low in Singapore

Get Your Boom! Back is delighted to announce the appointment of Darren Jerome Low as Brand Ambassador and leader of Get Your Boom! Back Singapore.

An avid entrepreneur and Brand Ambassador ,  Darren Jerome Low has been actively involved in the health, beauty and wellness industry for more than 15 years, passionate and dedicated towards helping people from all walks of life take charge of their individual well-being through the use of premium, high quality products that promote long term sustained health transformation.

“With Get Your Boom Back, I found the perfect solution to solving all kinds of health issues at the root with as YTE Young Tissue Extract, a revolutionary and nutritionally all- encompassing ingredient. Our formulas are designed with the most stringent considerations, consisting of the purest and most reactive ingredients that activate every individual’s innate self-healing ability.  At Get Your Boom Back, we literally demolish your weakness, fortify your foundation and then rebuild a stronger and more resilient you.”

Despite his educational background in Economics and Political Science, he has become a keen proponent of the concept that “good health lies in our own hands”.  Fluent in English, Mandarin and several Chinese dialects, he is articulate and seeks to empower people with knowledge about cutting edge products, their unique production methods and ingredients used. As such, he conducts talks, workshops, training sessions as well as personal consultations to create awareness of the brands that he fully endorses. He has a penchant for only marketing whatever he uses, consumes and has a strong conviction about.

“To me, it is imperative that people realize that only by using and consuming products that are pure, potent and holistic in nature will there be an effective advancement, at each individual’s own pace, towards equilibrium in the body.  Once optimal balance is achieved, the body provides accurate and prompt response towards all forms of contingencies.”

His wealth of experience allows him to be at the forefront of the industry, always uncovering the best products to elevate the overall wellness of his clients. At the same time, he remains personable in his interaction with them and is highly sensitive in identifying their various needs.


Contact Darren for Special Asia-Based Pricing

  • GYBB Singapore Number +65 3138 1298
  • Darren’s Direct Line +65 8723 6894, available on WhatsApp and WeChat
  • Email Darren on [email protected]
  • Talk with Darren in the GYBB Facebook Group 
  • Address : 30 Boon Teck Road Singapore 329601

    We recommend contacting Darren to get personalised service, one-to-one consultations, and to receive your order faster. All GYBB Asia prices include shipping and GST.

    Fluent in four Chinese dialects including Mandarin, as well as English, Darren has more than 15 years experience in offering premium health, beauty, and wellness products, and is dedicated to helping people across all walks of life. You may have met Darren in one of his presentations, where he shares information about cutting-edge health products.

    Darren offers one-on-one consultations to discuss products for your specific health requirements and has supplies of Get Your Boom! Back products in Singapore. Of course you can also order Get Your Boom! Back supplements through this website here, but it can take longer for shipping, and may incur duties to ship supplements. That’s why we recommend ordering directly through Darren.

    After reviewing the products on this website, contact  Darren for special Asia-based pricing.

    Darren is always pleased to provide one-to-one consultations to assist in better understanding the formulas and incorporating them into daily life. 



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    身为卓越的企业家和品牌大使,Darren Jerome Low拥有超过 15 年积极参与健康、美容和康体行业所累积的丰富经验。通过使用优质、高质量的产品,他热衷于帮助各界人士掌控个人身心状态以及促进长期与持续性良好的健康转変。

    “通过 GET YOUR BOOM BACK YTE,一个革命性和拥有全面营养素的成分,我找到了能夠解决各种健康问题根源的完美组合。我们的配方经过最严格的考量,由最纯净、最富医疗效力的成分组成,可激活每个人与生俱来的自愈能力。 Get Your Boom Back,我们的保健理念能消除你的弱点,巩固你的基础,然后重建一个更强大,更有抵抗力的你“。

    具有经济和政治学教育背景的他始终坚信 "健康掌握在我们自己手中"的这一概念。 精通英语、普通话和几种中文方言,善于表达和沟通的他,力求让人们了解尖端产品,其独特的生产方法和所用成分。因此,他经常举办讲座、研讨会、培训课程以及个人咨询,以提高人们对他所赞同的品牌有更深层的认识。他只推荐他所使用和坚信的一切。

    “对我而言,人们必须意识到,唯有使用纯正、有效力和整体性的产品,才能依个人体质和反应速度,在身体中实现平衡。 一旦达到最佳平衡,身体就能针对不同疾病和病毒侵袭事件做出精准和迅速的抵抗”。