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Get Your Boom! Back Statement: Guarantees and Warrantees

*Get Your Boom! Back Products are Triple-Guaranteed -

    • Guarantee One: 100% of purchase price refunded if returned within 60 days of receipt. Shipping costs not included.
    • Guarantee Two: 100% Pure and Genuine YTE in the right dose per capsule 
    • Guarantee Three: 100% Transparency: latest science-based evidence shared with you as soon as we know about it 

Details here about how to return your produce for a refund, in the unusual event of your dissatisfaction: Returns Policy

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Get Your Boom! Back is founded with a rebellious spirit and a life-changing objective: to offer regenerative formulas designed to aid health and zest.

These breakthrough formulas are designed to help you have more sleep, more strength, more life-force. Find your own health and wealth, with clinical trials and hundreds of testimonials.  

We do not make any medical claims about Get Your Boom! Back products and services. If you have a medical condition or questions and concerns about a health condition please consult with your medical practitioner before use. The statements made for or on behalf of Get Your Boom! Back have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, the TGA or the ASA. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We provide food supplements and wellness services which are not substitutes for medical treatment. Hundreds of testimonials report improved wellness but we do not claim any cures or medical treatments. Get Your Boom! Back may help you to feel better and provides a Triple Guarantee including a 100% Money Back Guarantee*.

We encourage you to consider the products and services from Get Your Boom! Back® while making up your own mind, taking into account all the information available to you.

The Get Your Boom! Back Team is committed to the dissemination of information accurately and honestly.