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Dr V - known as Dr V For Vitality - aka Dr Veerle Van Tricht - is an acclaimed eye surgeon, mood management specialist, Reiki Master, who has already helped 20,000 people working on four continents and multiple countries.

Let Dr V help you discover ultimate Vitality when you manage your mood.

Dr V's Recovery Pack

$ 119.00 USD

Dr V's Recovery Pack: 1x AminoBoosters: one month supply 1x AminoSerene: one month supply Plus Dr V's Video-Mini-Course: easy to understand and action tips AND for early purchases, today, Bonus: FREE Premium Blueberries and Dark Chocolate - the two superfoods specifically good for your brain and mood! (Blueberries & Chocolate product may vary) (Initial order only - not supplied on subscribe...

Dr V's Burnout Resuscitation Program

$ 648.00 USD $ 397.00 USD

Dr V's Burnout Resuscitation Program - complete resuscitation with all 6 Modules Entire 6 Modules & Bonus content of the famous Burnout Resuscitation Program, to get you from exhausted to excited again! When you are suffering from complete burnout as a reaction to prolonged or chronic stress, characterised by exhaustion, cynicism, and feelings of inadequacy and incompetence - you may...