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We are constantly manufacturing one or more of our formulas, with life-changing genuine YTE®. A newly-produced batch of AminoBoosters is en route from the factory to our US warehouse. The perfect energy-booster, AminoBoosters is the original formula with 48,000 mg of genuine Norwegian YTE® per bottle.

We have plenty of TeloMind currently in stock, and the next batch of TeloMind is also in production, although not so advanced in the manufacturing cycle so will be available in December. This is the TeloMind Advanced Rejuvenation formula, which Health Evolution first developed back in 2016, with 48,000 mg of genuine Norwegian YTE® per bottle plus Rhodiola rosea, the famous rejuvenation herb.

Both TeloMind and AminoBoosters also contain premium Ginkgo biloba for brain health and mental sharpness, extra L-Arginine to improve circulation, and Orafti® Inulin from chicory, the prebiotic which promotes digestive health.

The real hero ingredient, of course, is the YTE® at the correct clinical dose so you actually "Evolve Inside" to be younger, happier, rested.

No other companies can use YTE® and there is nothing like it. Health Evolution supplements are "often imitated, never equalled".


AminoSerene is superseding AminoB12, at the end of November, because AminoSerene has actually been proven to be a better product than AminoB12.

Customers were asking if they could take a triple dose of AminoSerene to achieve full clinical strength YTE® in a daily serving, so we commissioned Independent Dietary Experts to re-evaluate the Substantiation to see how this would work. It's officially confirmed that a triple dose of AminoSerene is not only possible but highly beneficial. As a triple dose, AminoSerene is even more effective than AminoB12, hence we are phasing out Aminob12.

It takes three bottles of AminoSerene to replace one bottle of AminoB12, as the quantity of YTE® is different. Normally this would be more expensive than AminoB12, because a triple dose of AminoSerene contains 1800mg YTE® per day instead of AminoB12's 1600mg per day (1600mg is the same amount as is in AminoBoosters' and TeloMind's daily dose).

AminoSerene is a much more comprehensive formula than AminoB12. You can see more information here: getyourboomback.com/yte-with-vitamin-b12.

For Subscribe & Save customers, we have arranged to provide 3 bottles of AminoSerene for the same price as 1 bottle of AminoB12 for ongoing subscription orders.

For everyone else, we're giving the opportunity to order 3 bottles of AminoSerene for the very special total of $110, reduced from $210.00, but only till the end of this month. Choose Subscribe & Save when ordering and save a further 10%, making the total for 3 bottles of AminoSerene just $99 instead of $210.00 - and that price will be honored for future Subscribe & Save orders.

See the Outstanding October Offer for three bottles of AminoSerene at half price here - only during October.

In summary, you now have a YTE® formula without Ginkgo biloba which is even better than AminoB12, and it won't cost you any more when you take advantage of the special offer this month.

Find out more and order at getyourboomback.com/aminoserene.


We now have a distribution depot in the Netherlands, which makes it much easier and faster for all orders to Europe including Ireland, and for customers in Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine. Thanks to Tom and team in the Netherlands for making life easier for so many of our northern hemisphere customers and medical professionals.


A top health retreat in Australia is now stocking Health Evolution supplements for their patients and customers. Established in 1990, this world-renowned Queensland health retreat has a consistent record of success for more than thirty years and we are working directly with the owner and team of naturopaths, who are experts in investigating the root cause of disease.

Because global shipping can be slow, we are also holding more stock at the farm in Australia to directly fulfill all Australiasian customer orders.


Many of you know Jae, who has worked with us since 2019 and is a dedicated health advocate. I'm delighted to announce Jae's promotion to Sales Manager.

Jae attended Lake Mead Christian Academy and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on a Global Laureate Scholarship, has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Masters in Finance, and was on the Dean's List for academic achievement.

Jae is bilingual in English and Korean, and lives between Korea and the US.

Jae can be reached via telephone and Livechat during 7am-1pm EST, and 24/7 on the Health Evolution Exclusive Korean Kakao Talk Channel as well as 1:1 on Kakao Talk for any private info or questions. Join Jae on our Korean channel in Kakao: open.kakao.com/o/gJKK8eCd - Code: he007.


We are also thrilled to announce the appointment of Sam Hembury as Chief Operating Officer, a new position within Health Evolution.

Sam has been working online for more than fifteen years and specialises in the health and wellness industry. He lives in Devon UK with his three children and much-loved dogs, and is a keen runner, climber, and a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art and combat sport.

"Sam is uniquely qualified to deliver Health Evolution’s mission, with a laser-focus on operational excellence," said David Wright, chairman and CEO, Health Evolution. "We have tremendous confidence in Sam’s ability to align Health Evolution’s world-class biotechnology innovation with industry-leading best practices to bring Health Evolution’s unique and life-changing products to even more people around the world."


After working with us for more than ten years, Theresa is taking well-earned retirement to enjoy more time with her large family. We will miss Theresa's unfailing good humor and sound knowledge, and wish her very well especially with her forthcoming second grandchild.


Health Evolution's commission compensation plan is the most generous and honest in the industry. A reminder that we pay full affiliate commission every two weeks and don't withhold any of your money. 

We have had several requests for the password for the wholesale page and other affiliate-only pages. The wholesale page is https://www.getyourboomback.com/wholesale


Because we place so much emphasis on Living Your Best Life, we're now sharing the remarkable improvements, innovations, and inventions happening right now. You'll be seeing more of these (all fact-checked and verified) on our social media pages and our Health News pages. Check out more here: getyourboomback.com/good-news-today.


You may know that I broke my right arm recently while engaging in "Extreme Gardening" on our organic farm. I'm pleased to say it's all healed, and during the process, I was fortunate to learn from leading medical experts about how to speed up healing and bone health. Of course, the magic of YTE® and our own formulas played a big part. In addition, I learned many other lifestyle actions to take.

In the spirit of Halloween - and skeletons - I wonder whether you'd like to receive a copy of the research I compiled?

The prevalence of bone disease and fractures is increasing dramatically - but osteoporosis, fractures, and other chronic diseases no longer should be thought of as an inevitable part of growing old. By focusing on prevention and lifestyle changes, we can all avoid much of the damaging impact of bone breaks, bone disease, and other chronic diseases.

Wishing you a happy October - and remember to get the Outstanding October Offer of 3 bottles of AminoSerene for the very special total of $110, reduced from $210.00, but only till the end of this month. Choose 3 bottles, and Subscribe & Save when ordering and save a further 10%, making the total for 3 bottles of AminoSerene just $99 instead of $210.00 - and that price will be honored for ongoing Subscribe & Save orders.


Order at getyourboomback.com/aminoserene.

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