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Want to know the secret to a truly Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays? 🎄🌟

It's a bit like when you're about to take off in a plane ... do you remember those days, when we used to travel far more than we can now?

The safety message is always to "put on your own parachute before trying to help anyone else".

And that message is never truer than right now.

If there’s one thing we have learned, it’s that no one else can look after you as much as you can.

And yet all too often, we hold off from taking the best care of ourselves.

Looking after yourself is the very opposite of selfishness ...


* Imagine the happiest, most stress-free Christmas for you and your family, then design the days to match

* Tell your nearest and dearest that’s what’s happening this year

* Start to tidy up more and aim to be clutter-free because it’s more calming for you

* Finish quick tasks to get that free dopamine hit when you complete something

* Prioritise your health and make sure you’re getting the right supplements which actually work

* Get your 2022 diary now and write down what you want to happen in December this year and in early 2022 - if you keep it by your bed, you can write down anything which stops you from falling asleep, then deal with it in the morning

* Plan your meals for the holidays and aim for SOUL food as much as possible - seasonal, organic, unprocessed, local

* Set up recurring orders for what you need regularly, and spend less than you can afford so you don’t have financial stress

* Be kind to yourself - we're all a work in progress, doing the best we can. Also be kind to people around you but don't put up with anyone who doesn't respect you (the "block" functions on your phone and social media make it easy)

* Remember, you don’t have to “fix” anyone or anything - just decide to be happy and let everyone else do and think what they like.

It's interesting that the expression "to treat" can mean having a treatment and also having an enjoyable experience.

Now is the time to treat yourself - so you can be younger, happier and rested.

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Rebalancing, rebuilding, renewing.

With no artificial chemicals, no fillers, no side-effects.

So you're ready to celebrate with your loved ones at this special time of year.

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  • December 01, 2021
  • Angela Wright