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It’s true, you do have two brains!

Your second brain is in your “gut”.

Scientists call this second brain the "enteric nervous system" (ENS). And it’s not so little: the ENS is two thin layers of more than 100 million nerve cells.

If you want to get the most out of life, you need to make sure your gut is fully functioning.

Why does this matter?

You see, your gut directly controls how effectively nutrients enter your body and brain.

Poor performance here can be a leading cause of slow brain function.

GYBB Amino formulas give your gut a tune-up, because you need to absorb key nutrients so you can dramatically increase your brain power and energy.

One of the key ingredients in GYBB Amino formulas is Glutamic Acid, one of the 23 amino acids in YTE®.

In fact, Glutamic Acid accounts for 11.08% of YTE®.

Remember, YTE® - the science-backed ingredient exclusively in our GYBB Amino formulas - is the ONLY complete natural source of all amino acids in perfect natural balance.

Glutamic acid, or glutamate, works as a neurotransmitter and plays a key role in your metabolic pathways, also controlling growth, reproduction, maintenance and immunity.

Glutamine is also used to counter some of the side effects of medical treatments.

Your body makes L-Glutamine from Glutamic Acid, used by your intestine as a fuel source to function at its best.

By improving the functions of your gut, you are preparing yourself to enjoy a high-value life.

Repair your gut and boost your second brain.

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Here's to living your best,


Angela Wright MBE
Cofounder, Get Your Boom! Back


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  • May 24, 2019
  • Angela Wright MBE