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Three Days Sleep-Eat-Energy Course - A Fast, Easy & Healthy Program Which You'll Love To Start Today 

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A great advantage of traveling has to be the chance to read more. Arianna Huffington, founder of famous The Huffington Post, wrote a great book called Thrive a while ago and I re-read this while in the French Alps.

A big aspect of Arianna's philosophy for living your best life is to get enough sleep, and she has a particular sleep routine:

Every night, she reserves a specific amount of time to wind down, turning off all her devices 30 minutes prior to bedtime and charging them outside the bedroom. 

Next, she takes a hot bath, which "washes away the day, slows down my brain, and winds down my body.” 

She opts for pajamas and only reads physical books that "have nothing to do with work" like poetry, philosophy, or fiction.

Before going to sleep, Arianna the time to write down three things she's thankful for that day. We know that ending the day with positive thinking makes for better sleep, she says, and helps cut down on anxious dreams or wakefulness.

Arianna’s message is, "We need to make sleep something that's welcoming."

So let's "dive in" to find out more about how you can harness the advantages of sleeping well.

Our bodies run on electricity. Everything that happens in your body is through tiny electrical impulses.

Scientific fact. 

So it makes sense that we need to recharge.

Recharging a human happens principally through sleep. And today, that’s the single biggest problem.

If you sometimes wake up groggy and unrefreshed instead of jumping out of bed before dawn full of energy… you’re not alone.You need your sleep to recharge and revitalise you.

But in our fast-paced, hectic, distracting world that can be easier said than done.

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Three Day Sleep-Eat-Energy Mini Course: It’s Just What You Needed