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Dr V's Burnout Resuscitation Program - complete resuscitation with all 6 Modules

Entire 6 Modules & Bonus content of the famous Burnout Resuscitation Program, to get you from exhausted to excited again!

When you are suffering from complete burnout as a reaction to prolonged or chronic stress, characterised by exhaustion, cynicism, and feelings of inadequacy and incompetence - you may feel the need for Complete Resuscitation.

Dr V to the rescue with this comprehensive Resuscitation Program

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Module 1 : The Energy Booster

Powerful proven combination to unlock your energy the fastest way possible

Module 2 : The Time Creator

Stress-free productivity and quantum jumping 

Module 3 : Relationship Recharge

Move your relationships into vibration, and avoid the exhaustion which can chase away your vital support system

Module 4 : Life Purpose

The foolproof way to find your life purpose and get back on track fast

Module 5 : Balance 

The most effective techniques to balance your life

Module 6 : Higher Consciousness

Discover unlimited growth and never again make the mistake of  wrong choices.