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My Happy Booster is the light sparkly natural drink mix combining extra virgin organic botanical extracts and highly purified pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals to naturally and cleverly lift your mood, boost your serotonin:

  • Discover how life is meant to feel
  • Balance your mood
  • Alleviate unnecessary stress
  • Stop yourself from always worrying so much!

The All Natural Extreme Happiness Drink Mix Lovingly Made With Extra Virgin Herbs And Botanicals, Vitamins And Minerals.

Now You Can Feel The Benefits Of Genuine Ingredients At The Right Dose.

Daily AminoBoosters, AminoPure+, NeuraBoost and My Happy Booster work 4 Times Faster. Discover the benefits of YTE®, BioPerine®, activated vitamins, chelated minerals and the benefits of botanicals, known since ancient times.  All clinically proven with 100% active ingredients independently tested … up to 2000% more strength to benefit your mind, body and soul.

Get Your Boom! Back to promote a healthy response to cortisol, inflammation and the ongoing toxin-attacks faced by your body every day!

With the Get Your Boom! Back 100% Money Back Guarantee, even if you send us back an empty bottle, you have complete peace of mind and confidence in ordering. 

Notice: Due to high demand, please allow 2-25 days for shipping, depending on your location in the world.

Choose the Transformation Pack with AminoBoosters, NeuraBoost and My Happy Booster. 

  • AminoBoosters: only genuine, pure YTE® - the world's rarest and most expensive natural amino acid synergistic compound - from the pristine forests of Norway carefully blended with top quality ingredients in the powerful AminoBoosters formula. Includes a full 120 capsule supply in every bottle. 
  • NeuraBoost Mind Food: premium brain enhancement for mature intelligence.
  • My Happy Booster: now you can get your healthy superfood botanicals, essential vitamins and minerals in one drink... with no waste of money on ineffective supplements, no messy blending, no juicing and no worries!

Here's to you Getting Your Boom! Back today!

"Boostifi" My Happy Booster - 1 Bottle

£59.75 GBP £45.00 GBP

The All-Natural Way to Raise Your Spirits Without Drinking Spirits 30 one-a-day servings - enough for 1 full month Introducing Boostifi - My Happy Booster  Boostifi Gently Dried Pink Power Superfood Juice Blend Powder. Now you can get all your essential botanicals, healthy superfoods, activated vitamins and chelated minerals in one delicioius glass...with No Pills, No Expensive Health Food Stores,...

Health+ Power Pack

£154.93 GBP £129.99 GBP

NEW Health+ Power Pack - 30 Days' Supply AminoPure+ is SOLD OUT in the UK so all AminoPure+ is currently shipping from the USA. NB if ordering in the UK, you will be liable for Customs Import Duties on this product. Alternatively, order AminoBoosters which is in stock in the UK. Now You Can Reset Your Energy Levels And Feel...

Reset & Renew Pack

£150.43 GBP £126.44 GBP

Reset & Renew Pack - 30 Days' Supply It's Time To Reset Your Energy Levels And Feel Great Again In Just 30 Days! SAVE £23.99, $30.00USD, $40.00AUD Receive 1x My Happy Booster, 1x AminoBoosters, 2x Mintycoco  £ 126.44 reduced from £150.43 USD $ 157.99  reduced from $188.77 AUD $ 142.80  reduced from $250.10 1 Bottle of AminoBoosters YTE® Amino Acid Supplements 1 Bottle...

Transformation Pack - 1 Month Supply (Save £14.75, $18.00USD, $24.00AUD) - 1x My Happy Booster, 1x AminoBoosters, 1x NeuraBoost

£112.42 GBP £87.80 GBP

Transformation Pack - 1 Month Supply (Save £24.62, $30.30USD, $40.20AUD) £ 87.80 £ 112.42 USD $ 107.70  $ 138.00 AUD $ 142.80  $ 183.00AUD 1 Bottle of AminoBoosters YTE® Amino Acid Supplements 1 Bottle of NeuraBoost Mind Food - included FREE 1 Bottle of My Happy Booster - "Pink Power Juce" Drink Mix with essential Botanicals, Activated Vitamins and Chelated Minerals **...