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Icecream Taste, Keto Results - The Weightloss Shake You've Been Waiting For

Essential Info You Must Know: Do NOT Use Whey, Soy,  or GMOs* If You Want To Lose Weight!

Use This Pure, Delicious, Vegan Weight Loss Shake

Tastes Like Icecream - Gets Fast Weight Loss Results!

Even If You Are Not Vegan … This Shake Is For You!

You’ve never tried anything like this! 

This never-before-seen breakthrough All Natural Vegan Weight Loss Shake simultaneously triggers extreme fat loss by combining 9 of the world’s most effective fat burning ingredients, with immune boosting ingredients so you have the perfect vegan weight loss shake, ensuring you lose weight fast and healthily.

LighterShake does not qualify for Free Shipping Discount Codes because it is too heavy and is shipped separately from Australia.

Our friends at Lean for Life make the ONLY all natural, made in Australia, speciality weight loss shakes, so your weight management is easier and healthier, with FAST weight loss results.

* Gluten Free but manufactured in a plant where gluten products are manufactured.

LFL LighterShake™ Vegan Weight Loss Shakes

Made in Australia under stringent Australian regulations and guidelines, from All Natural and the Highest Quality Ingredients.

Check out why this is THE best for fast fat loss, weight control, protein supplementation, and overall deliciousness!

Here is why LFL LighterShake™ Vegan Weight Loss Shakes are the best option for you:

What’s in the LFL LighterShake™ Vegan Weight Loss Shakes?

These LighterShakes™ are 100% natural, with NO artificial colours, ingredients or fillers.

ONLY ethically sourced, highest quality ingredients, as you can see from the ingredients list.

Not only does each LighterShake™  contain the highest quality all natural ingredients ... the formula is specially designed to maximise weight loss for non-vegans and vegans by combining NINE of the world’s MOST effective weight loss ingredients with BRAIN and IMMUNITY boosting ingredients. Take a look below:



L-Tyrosine – balances hormone production, helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression that either result in weight gain or prevent weight loss.

L- Carnitine – Breaks down fat into usable energy; helps you burn fat instead of storing it.

Taurine – Reduces the fat increasing hormone “cortisol”, helps your body use fat quickly, lowers insulin levels, prevents fat gain from carbs and improves brain function and sleep.

Garcinia Cambogia HCA – Suppresses appetite, increases hormones that prevent emotional eating and limits your body from turning food into fat.

African Mango Extract – Promotes the reduction in body fat around your waist.

Green Coffee Extract – Greatly increases body fat loss and speeds up your metabolism.

Green Tea Extract – Boosts metabolism, fat loss and detoxifies your body.

Raspberry Ketone – Produces hormones that increase the rate your body burns fat and reduces your appetite at the same time.

Guarana – Prevents fatigue, promotes alertness, increases the rate your body burns fat and oxidises fat cells breaking them down.


BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) – Promotes internal belly fat loss, speeds up muscle recovery, prevents muscle soreness, supports the immune system, increases resistance to fatigue.

L-Glutamine – Promotes digestive and brain health, fights cancers, diabetes, and high blood sugar levels, heals leaky gut, improves IBS, recovers cellular health.


A healthy way to increase your digestible fibre with absolutely no carbohydrates, the perfect ingredient for a low carb/ Keto diet.


Is extracted with a complete balanced amino acid profile and with 88% protein on a dry basis, it has the highest bio-availability compared to any other plant-based protein.

How to use LighterShakes™ 

Weight Loss Success Plan

If you want to lose 10kg to 20kg then this plan is for you!

Replace 3 meals per day, plus have 2 snack sized meals.

*1 Container will last for 21 serves, on this plan of 3 per day 1 pack will last you just over 7 days.

Maintenance/ Supplementation Plan

If you have achieved your weight loss goal, or only need to lose 5kg or your just want a vegan protein shake for convenience/ supplementation, then this plan is for you!

Replace 1 Meal Per day with a shake for your convenience, this could be breakfast, lunch, dinner or your snacks.

*1 pack will last for 21 serves, on this plan of 1 per day 1 pack will last you just over 3 weeks.

Why is “Pea Protein Isolate” the best option for Non-Vegan AND Vegan Weight Loss Shake?

Pea Protein Isolate is the healthiest and easiest plant-based product to digest, it contains the highest protein and lowest carbohydrate level compared to rice, soy, vegetable and other non-dairy protein. Not to mention Pea Protein Isolate tastes amazing in relation to other non- dairy alternatives.

LighterShakes™ uses Pea Protein Isolate extracted with a complete balanced amino acid profile and with 88% protein on a dry basis, it has the highest bio-availability compared to any other plant-based protein and is scientifically formulated using the highest quality 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or added sugar.

Plus it has a high digestibility rating of 98%, Pea Protein also has a high alkalinity level (pH 7.6) – one of the only known alkalizing protein powders on the market today. Ideal before and after a workout or as a meal replacement.

Our friends at Lean For Life™ have worked on the formula to make sure it won’t taste like the other Pea Protein Shakes or other Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes you have tried before (cardboard!), but will leave you wanting more of its creamy and flavoursome taste.

I can honestly say this IS the best tasting shake available .... trust me!

The founder of Lean For Life™ says he can only drink LighterShakes™ as all other vegan meal replacement shakes give him digestion issues, which is why he spent years perfecting the taste, formula, and results.

So whether you are non-vegan or vegan, you want to try these best Vegan Weight Loss Shakes - also suitable as Vegan Meal Replacement Shake.

You want something with a creamy texture and taste yummy ... now you need look no further.

LighterShakes™  taste amazing plus they are 100% natural with no added sugar.

How LighterShakes™  Vegan Weight Loss Shake can help you lose weight:

    1. Helps increase your protein intake, providing your body with the sustainable energy it needs while on a weight loss journey, preventing cravings and relapses.
    2. Eliminates some common intolerances from your diet, ensuring you have the best chance possible of losing weight. Lactose (dairy). Yes, they are 100% lactose-free (dairy free),  resulting in no digestive issues, no bloating, no water retention.
    3. Helps keep your carbohydrate intake low while increasing your protein, perfect if you are a vegan wanting to go on a ketosis diet or low carb diet or trying to find a protein supplement.
    4. Makes meal planning easier, resulting in fewer slip-ups, decreasing stress with meal preparation and increased time to relax.
    5. Gives you a yummy but healthy choice when you need something sweet, so no more guilt for having a yummy shake.
    6. Ensures you recover faster when training, protecting you from soreness and injury.
    7. Boosts your metabolism, with special fat burning ingredients combined with pea protein helping your metabolism speed up.
    8. Increases your thermogenic weight loss ability - these fat burning ingredients ensure your body burns more energy without you having to do anything.
    9. Breaks down fat cells - yes, the special ingredients in LighterShakes™ encourage your fat cells to break down.

Ideas on how to use LighterShakes™  Vegan Weight Loss Shakes

  1. You can use the vegan shakes as a “high protein/ low carb” Vegan breakfast shake; Most people neglect breakfast, however, it is an essential part of any diet as it will ensure your metabolism starts working first thing in the morning.
  2. You can use them as a “low carb/ high protein” Vegan meal replacement; replacing your midday snack or lunch. Most diets only focus on eliminating carbs, this is an issue because when you introduce them back into your diet you put weight back on, however, we also focus on speeding up your metabolism, this will drastically increase your weight loss results for life. You can replace 1, 2 or 3 meals per day treating these shakes as a vegan meal replacement shake.
  3. You can use them as a Vegan Protein Shake, to take after a workout to speed up the recovery of your muscles. Recovery is extremely important, the faster you recover the more weight you will lose and the harder you can train next time.
  4. You can use them as a Vegan Weight Loss Dessert, add it to a vegan yoghurt or put ice with it and blend it up for a frappe, or make a hot chocolate out.
  5. Use them for a Vegan Ketosis Shake, you can either use them to go on a complete Vegan Ketosis Weight Loss Shake Diet or just supplement 1-2 meals while following a Vegan Ketosis Plan.

How to make LighterShakes™  taste even better?

Is it possible, when LighterShakes™ already taste so good?

LighterShakes™ are the best tasting vegan weight loss shakes available based on customer’s feedback. These shakes are creamy, smooth and just the right sweetness.

To help you adjust the flavour and texture so you have different versions of your vegan weight loss shake, you can do the following:

  1. Add it to a non-dairy milk alternative: such as almond milk/cashew/hemp/macadamia/pea/rice – this will give your shake more body and reduce the sweetness plus increase the creaminess.
  2. Add less shake powder to your shake or increase the liquid you use – this will make the flavour more subtle and minimise the thickness of your shake.
  3. Add more shake powder to your shake or minimise the liquid you use – this will increase the flavour and increase the thickness of your shake
  4. Use ice cold water or milk alternative – this will make it more refreshing and change the way your taste buds receive the flavours.
  5. Use warm/hot water or milk alternative with cacao– this will turn your shake into a yummy hot chocolate.
  6. Add ice and blend it up – this will give you a frappe and change the taste altogether (this is perfect for a nightly sweet treat)


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