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  • Amino Boosters contains only pure Norwegian YTE.
  • 4x YTE compared to competitors. Best value on the market!
  • Proven effects in numerous clinical trials


Reset & Renew Pack - 30 Days' Supply

It's Time To Reset Your Energy Levels And Feel Great Again In Just 30 Days!

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Receive 1x My Happy Booster, 1x AminoBoosters, 2x Mintycoco 
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    • 1 Bottle of AminoBoosters YTE® Amino Acid Supplements
    • 1 Bottle of My Happy Booster - Serotonin Drink Mix (Delicious!)
    • 2 Boxes of Mintycoco - No-Diet Detox For Naturally Whiter Teeth - the second box is FREE!

Get Your Boom! Back Reset & Renew Pack - detox, refuel, reset, renew in 30 days

**All components of this complete Reset & Renew Pack are currently still in stock and shipping immediately. Order today to avoid waiting 4-6 weeks for availability.

You need the right components to reset and renew your body. Get the fuel you need for enhanced metabolism, weight loss, reduced cortisol, and more energy.

Detox, Refuel, Reset, Renew in 30 Days

Three simple steps:

  1. Start with the simple and delicious Mintycoco detox with the added bonus of whitening your teeth

  2. Take the tiny powerful AminoBoosters capsules with breakfast

  3. Celebrate the transition of day into evening with your delicious My Happy Booster botanicals, vitamins and minerals mix and "drink yourself happy".

This Reset & Renewal Pack includes the right fuel for enhanced metabolism, weight loss, reduced cortisol, healing, recovery and energy. You need this Get Your Boom! Back Reset & Renew Pack.

Reset & Renew: what's included?

AminoBoosters are the best selling naturally synergistic amino acid formula containing genuine YTE® - and now you can achieve the complete Reset & Renew Experience including My Happy Booster and Mintycoco.


AminoBoosters use pure Norwegian YTE® which is the highly absorbable bioavailable source of the 22 most required Amino Acids by the human body. Your body comprises 20% protein and Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of all proteins.

Boostifi - My Happy Booster is the light sparkly natural drink mix combining extra virgin organic botanical extracts and highly purified pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals to naturally and cleverly lift your mood, boost your serotonin:

  • Discover how life is meant to feel
  • Balance your mood
  • Alleviate unnecessary stress
  • Stop yourself from always worrying so much!

This All Natural Extreme Happiness Drink Mix Is Lovingly Made With Extra Virgin Herbs & Botanicals, Vitamins And Minerals.

Mintycoco is the your 14 day Ayurvedic easy detox and oral treatment designed to get your pearly whites sparkling bright as well as detoxing your body and mouth.

Clinically proven to reduce up to 8 billion micro-organisms - bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites. Removing plaque. Healing sores.

Because your Reset & Renew Pack is for a whole 30 days, we're including a second box of Mintycoco completely FREE.

Many Doctors say that "All disease starts in the mouth" and we believe oil pulling is the #1 way to help your health - and at the same time get the whiter teeth which instantly help you look and feel younger.


Your Reset & Renew Pack to give you a spring in your step with the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, botanicals and phytonutrients your body is craving - along with your teeth-whitening, detoxing oil pulling kit. All enough for an entire month!

More about AminoBoosters:

Only AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ have genuine YTE® at the right dose in our proprietary, powerful, natural supporting formulas - and always honest pricing.

Remember, the Ginkgo Biloba in AminoBoosters is not suitable for people using blood thinning (anticoagulant) or epilepsy medication, when pregnant, breastfeeding or for children. If that's you, look at the Health+ Pack instead.

For everyone else, AminoBoosters and this Reset & Renew Pack are your recommended choice. 

Choose the Subscribe & Save option and save an extra 8.00% - plus save your time and frustration! Don't run out again AND save money on each month's subscription.

Can be canceled at any time - and of course covered by our famous Worldwide 30 Days Triple Guarantee.

What is YTE®?
YTE® is a patented food supplement developed and patented by the Norwegian government and made exclusively in Norway.

What does YTE® mean?
YTE® stands for young tissue extract, This is because it is a nutrient that is extracted from fertilised hen eggs that have been incubated for 9 days. Using a patented process that extracts all of the core nutrients from the egg white called PreEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE).

The Story of YTE®?
YTE® was first discovered back in 1929 by a Canadian Doctor called John R. Davidson. He was observing fertilised hen eggs and realised that on day 9 of incubation the egg went through an incredible growth spurt that caused a tripling of the embryo inside the egg. He hypothesised that the nutrients inside the egg on this ninth day must be very powerful if they could cause a tripling in the growth cycle that was enough for a fluffy chick to hatch just 12 days later.

Dr. Davidson then began successfully treating his patients by injecting the YTE® nutrients but he died just as he was seeing success with his technique and his research was lost for almost 50 years.

That was until 50 years later when a Norwegian scientist working with the Norwegian government made the same discovery as Dr. Davidson that the fertilised hen egg contained very potent nutrients on the 9th day of incubation. As nutritional and scientific understanding had advanced a lot since 1929 the Norwegian scientists understood immediately that the nutrients extracted contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein fractions including a complete array of 22 Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins as well as some very important growth factors.

Best Value YTE® On The Market
YTE® is a very well documented and studied food supplement appearing in several published and peer reviewed studies and a google search will show you that there are a few companies around the world selling a YTE® based product. 

However all the studies that were conducted used a daily dosage of 1600mg which is 4 tablets a day of pure YTE® powder. These other companies typically sell a 30 capsule one month supply for more than we sell a 120 capsule supply. 


About Amino Acids

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