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Have we been working our little socks off, for you!

When people ask us, "Where do you get all your energy from? How do you manage to do so much in each day?" - we just smile. 

We have our "secret weapons for health", as you know - and now our original AminoBoosters has become four fabulous formulas.

Here's the latest news...

We've just completed 3 new manufacturing batches of
• and our all-new NeuraBoost

In addition to the production of AminoBoosters we recently completed in Germany.

We manufacture in both Europe and the USA to keep the prices as good as possible for our customers all over the world - we then ship from nearby each manufacturing facility. This keeps the cost down for us which we pass on to you - and makes sure you have fresh ingredients.

AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ are the best YTE supplements, bar none.

These powerful, natural supporting formulas really enhance the genuine Norwegian YTE. Because we're not an MLM or pharmaceutical company, we don't need huge profit margins so you get it at the very best price while still having genuine ingredients at the right dose. Something that other companies claiming to use YTE simply don't do.

Not forgetting, our all-new My Happy Booster which is just about sold out of the first manufacturing batch, to rave reviews. So we're about to run a second much larger run of My Happy Booster, in our California factory.

My Happy Booster is the world's only all natural drink formula combining extra virgin botanicals, activated minerals and chelated minerals - making a very delicious orange-mango-peach flavoured serotonin-boosting gently dried powder drink mix.

Designed to be enjoyed every day just before dinner, My Happy Booster delivers an instant happiness-hit which compounds over time to deliver a sustained state of calm joyful happiness which many people haven't experienced since childhood.

We've been obsessing over getting this My Happy Booster formula just right for the past twelve months and I'm so thrilled it's finally here. We're going to run out of the first batch so are about to run a second.

We have just a few more of this first batch in stock right now, and we really don't want you to miss out from trying it! So while stocks last we're giving 20% discount on this first first batch using the coupon


at checkout. I do hope you try it. Instant and sustained happiness! That's worth a couple of dollars a day, of anyone's money! Or around £1 if you're reading this in the UK. Outstanding!

How about the other new formula, you ask? What's NeuraBoost?

"Premium Brain Enhancement For Mature Intelligence - Feed Your Mind, Improve Your Memory And Enthusiasm."

NeuraBoost is the premium natural brain-boosting supplement which actually helps feed your mind and improves memory because it's packed full of essential premium B Complex Vitamins and Selenium - genuine ingredients at the right dose so you have all the advantages of a proper diet with no negative side effects.

It's been said that daily premium Selenium would end 84% of breast cancer in both men and women within the next decade. And it plays such a vital part in many other functions, including aiding the absorption of B vitamins. And we all know how vital the Vitamin B complex is - yet most people are deficient. It's very hard to get the right kinds of B complex vitamins and Selenium. Which is why we're making NeuraBoost.

We've introduced My Happy Booster and NeuraBoost as the perfect complements to both AminoBoosters and AminoPure+.

Most of our sales are by word of mouth so our affiliate program saves you a further 10% if you are approved as an affiliate. You can sign up here - it's free so check out the Affiliates page here: getyourboomback.com/pages/affiliates. Affiliates also earn commissions on sales from anyone you mention about Get Your Boom! Back.

We were beyond thrilled for Get Your Boom! Back's affiliate program to be named as one of three best health products recently :)

Phew, sorry about this long post. It's just that these four formulas are so outstanding I wanted you to have all the info!

If you'd like to give us a call, for a chat or to place an order, you can ring us on the best phone number for you - the numbers are listed below. I'm in Australia so to speak with me personally, please call me late afternoon your time :)  


Here's to you Getting Your Boom! Back


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  • October 02, 2016
  • Angela Wright MBE