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Price Change Alert

Now's a particularly good time to tell people about Get Your Boom! Back products - as prices of AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ are going to rise.

If you're not already aware, we have been alerted by our YTE® supplier that the price of our raw materials has increased hugely.

For a long time, it looked as though YTE® would have to cease as there has been no YTE® available globally for many months now.

We purchased the very last available YTE® some time ago.

We have been negotiating for months with the manufacturers and patent holders of YTE®, with whom we have a very strong relationship.

They have been investigating production possibilities all around the world, as they say it is no longer possible to manufacture YTE® in Norway. We even investigated producing it here in Australia but it proved not to be possible.

For a long time, it looked as though YTE® would cease completely.

I'm pleased to tell you that Norwegian YTE® is now back in production in new facilities, and we have secured regular supplies.

Production of proprietary Young Tissue Extract (YTE®) has now been relocated from Norway to the United States.

This US production is in Iowa via direct farmer partnership, providing for full vertical oversight, increased production capacity and flexible manufacturing.

Our supplements have real 'farm-to-format' ingredients with full vertical supply chain management and Made In The USA labelling.

As you know, YTE® is a unique dietary ingredient which has been the subject of nutritional research and scientific inquiry for over 30 years.

The new production is to exactly the same patented Norwegian process: freeze-dried fertilized egg extract collected with precise timing to yield a natural concentration of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and growth factors not found in common egg protein. YTE® is GRAS-affirmed.

It's been a long and expensive process for the YTE® manufacturing to relocate to the USA.

For many months we were afraid there would be no more YTE®. So it's with great relief I'm able to tell you the supply is safe.

YTE® continues to be owned by the Norwegian company, who own the patent, and trademark. The production in the USA will be to the same Norwegian process.

As we are frequently told, while some supplements work for some people, YTE® is the only one which seems to work for everyone (as long as they're not deliberately "sabotaging their health" … taking AminoBoosters or AminoPure+ won't stop you getting hit by a bus if you stand in front of one, or suffering poor nutrition if you overeat on junk food with too much processed, dairy, meat and fish.)

So we are very happy to tell you we have the security of supply going forwards.

But the price is increasing substantially.

We'll be confirming exactly how much of a price rise later when all factors are confirmed. In the meantime, we wanted to give you this "heads-up".

Now's a good time to get stocked up.

So in summary, production of YTE® has moved to the USA where it is now taking place exactly as per the Norwegian protocol. That's one of the reasons it's been so expensive to set up and have verified. Which has been passed on to us by increased costs.

This is the first time ever that the patented process of YTE® production has been set up in the USA - or indeed anywhere outside of Norway.

The process is the same as it was in Norway.

The chickens are carefully selected and cared for, free range, constantly monitored and tested, salmonella free.

Only the fertile eggs are incubated and at 9 days, tested again before going through the stringent production process.

This is TOTALLY unlike the fake "fertilised avian egg extract" which was doing the rounds with another supplement supplier - who seemed to think they could fool people by replacing "incubated" with "avian" and not use the genuine patented YTE® at all.

As Nils Christian Mortensen (one of the two Norwegian scientists behind the development of Norwegian YTE®) said to me when we met in Norway during my due diligence, "Angela, that other product does you no more good than having an egg sandwich."

YTE® uses the exact patented process, as originally developed by Dr John Ralston Davidson from Canada in the early 1900s, tested and enhanced by the Norwegian Government.

We've been thinking a lot about how to help our most loyal customers, who are the backbone of Get Your Boom! Back.

So here's what's going to be the fairest way.

We've put aside the right quantity of AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ for all of our regular customers who are on the Subscribe & Save (repeat order) program.

So we can keep your prices the same for as long as possible.

So you'll see no increase until we HAVE to allocate the new batch of product to you. We'll tell you when this is. But it WON'T be this month and maybe not next month, depending on how much is ordered.

For everyone else, prices have to go up this month.

If you're already on Subscribe & Save, you're safe.

If you've bought in plenty of stock for yourself to last a while, you're safe.

If you're a loyal customer but haven't switched to Subscribe & Save yet, do it today and you'll be safe. Note, we can ONLY keep the old price for loyal customers

Finally, it's important for you to remember:

- We manufacture using fresh YTE® and other high quality ingredients, in small batches.

- We are careful to handle the YTE® at cool temperatures as it is sensitive to extreme heat.

- Here at Get Your Boom! Back we only ever use Genuine Ingredients At The Right Dose - And Always Honest Pricing.

Of course, we're constantly working with our suppliers to see how we can always bring you not just the best quality formulas but also the best prices.

We'll keep you posted if there are other changes.

For now, switch to Subscribe & Save to always get the best deal on your supplements, the shipping, avoid running out and keep things simple for yourself. You can cancel or change your Subscribe & Save options at any time, of course.

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  • September 05, 2017
  • Angela Wright MBE