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Is this the "Bitcoin" of health?

You'll have heard a lot about crypto currencies.

If you'd spent $100 on Bitcoin back in 2010, you'd have $7m now. But it's not too late - check out these crypto gains for the year until 31 August 2017:

  • Bitcoin: UP 374%
  • Ethereum: UP 4,506%
  • Ripple: UP 3,566%
  • Litecoin: UP 1,265%
  • Monero: UP 806%
  • Dash: UP 3,158%

Yes, there have been some drops lately. But crypto is headed towards being a trillion dollar industry - with only 3 million active cryptocurrency users.

You might wonder why I'm talking about crypto, but bear with me.

In addition to being able to pay for your favourite Get Your Boom! Back products now with Bitcoin and altcoins when you reach checkout, there's a new development which just might be the "Bitcoin" of health. I'll come back to that shortly - because it can make a huge difference to you.

Yes, there are scary stories about crypto currency.

The mainstream media will call it a bubble. The Banks don't like it - they don't want to lose control. Crypto enables people to buy, sell, lend and borrow without the control and excessive fees of the banks.

But most of the chatter is uneducated commentary. Or plain scaremongering.

Look at the price of bitcoin for instance. Now compare it to other boom-busts like the dot-com boom of the '90s. Looking at bitcoin that way, thinking bitcoin is in a 'bubble', is a fundamentally flawed argument.

Crypto currency and bitcoin isn't like anything before. You can't compare it to stocks and the dotcom boom and bust.

You may as well argue that tennis and rowing are the same sport.

Or go join those 'flat earth' nutters (and yes, they are nutters… I wasted a day once reviewing in depth some so-called evidence which is just a massive con - and the last straw in deciding never again to work with a particular person… but back to the matter in hand…)

The key to what's going on is that we're in the early stages of a revolution. A financial and social revolution.

Australia, in particular, is host to some exciting crypto developments.

I'm in a global Crypto Mastermind, as well as other online and local groups, where I get to listen to hugely clever people, and I'm also the organiser of Noosa Crypto and the Facebook group Not Your Granny's Crypto.

I'm particularly keen to help individuals "get ahead" financially and for businesses accept crypto currencies.

Yes, you can pay for your favourite Get Your Boom! Back products in bitcoin and altcoins, and avoid the bank fees.

Now, a big warning. 

Not all crypto projects are trustworthy.

Many are rubbish. Just like many supplements and information about health is plain wrong.

And of course there are the MLM and Ponzi schemes popping up to steal your money - just like in all industries. Do not jump on the hype of crypto — be smart, clever and patient.

Australia has a deep pool of smart, innovative people. Many of these people are starting to develop crypto projects in Australia.

For example, there's a project called Powerledger which is an energy-trading platform.

You'll be able to generate energy to use in your home and, using Powerledger's blockchain technology, trade your energy to other users. As the company puts it,

'Power Ledger puts the power to manage the energy economy into the hands of consumers, while maintaining the value of existing distribution networks.'

They just finished a cryptocurrency token pre-sale, raising US$8.8 mln in just over three days. They're also launching a public token sale soon to sell another 160 mln tokens over 4 weeks.

Being able to decentralise energy to people could be a game changer in energy markets around the world.

Another Aussie crypto project is The Hut34 Project.

Hut34 is a system for 'smart' chatbots.

You might have come across chatbots before. Many companies and social sites are using them to communicate with people better. They can often respond to customer queries so well that they're mistaken for human.

Hut34 is connecting chatbots all over the world. Think about it like this: you're talking to a weather chatbot online. You ask it what is the weather going to be like tomorrow. It gives you incredibly detailed, accurate weather information. But then you ask it for the best user-rated pub close to your friend's house, who you're visiting tomorrow.

This is a weather chatbot. How is it supposed to know the answer to that?

Well, using Hut34's network the weather-bot can communicate to a 'pub bot', and perhaps a 'maps bot', pulling in the specific information you need.

If you think about a mass, widespread network of thousands, perhaps millions of chatbots communicating with each other instantly, then you're really talking about artificial intelligence. It's like one giant neural network — a giant global brain.

A third project is right here on my doorstep and it's called dHealth.

dHealth is like the "Bitcoin" of health. All built on the blockchain which means it's secure and decentralised.

With dHealth you'll be able to have access to all your medical records - uploaded by your dentist, optometrist, surgeon, GP, physician… any scans such as XRays, MRIs and so on… any live blood analysis or other tests by your TCM Dr or Naturopath… even the records from your acupuncturist, chiropractor, remedial masseur, osteopath…

Can you imagine the increased level of knowledge available to you and your health professionals with all this info in one place, securely online, on the blockchain.

And that's not all.

With dHealth, you'll be able to get second opinions, third opinions, as many opinions as you want, from specialists all over the world.

Let me know if you want to know more about dHealth.

Projects like dHealth, Powerledger and Hut34 give us hope that Australia might again see another boom. And this time it won't be a polluting, finite one, like mining fossil fuels was.

This next boom will be a blockchain boom, a crypto boom. And it's happening all around the world.

The cat's out of the bag.

It's not going back.

If you want to know more, you can join the Facebook group Not Your Granny's Crypto.

The power is decentralising away from the banks and mainstream media. People are finding out for themselves.

There's so much good news in the world. Despite all the fearmongering and deliberately frightening distractions orchestrated by a few, when you look at the statistics nearly everything's getting better.

So be of good cheer.

Remember to look after yourself so you can take care of your family, friends and anyone who needs help.

As always, love to hear your thoughts on this.

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