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DynamEP™ YTE® Dynamic Egg Protein Young Tissue Extract Active Ingredient

We've been working consistently right up to date with the real YTE® Young Tissue Extract active ingredient, longer than anyone else in the industry.

Back in 2014, after carrying out months of due diligence, we flew around the world to meet the researchers and patent-holders of YTE® and to undertake more research.

We were incensed by the way this ingredient had been denied to the public.

This unique live active ingredient, first developed by famous Canadian Dr John Davidson and subsequently further researched and proved effective by Government, University Institutions, and Medical Researchers, had been "hijacked" by one company, who went on to use much less than the clinical dose and eventually to not use it at all.

This is a rare, expensive, delicate ingredient.

It doesn't "fit" with the huge profit margins of large corporations.

But this rare and unique all natural ingredient works extremely effectively when the right amount is used.

In fact, it's life-changing.

Not surprising, when it is the very basis of life itself, with the trillions of atoms, oligopeptides, all 23 amino acids, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, and Fibroblast Growth Factor, all in perfect natural balance.

This unique ingredient manages hormones and regenerates stem cells.

As a result, our company Health Evolution LLC formed the trading company Get Your Boom! Back because we were compelled to make this life-changing active ingredient available to people.

We are committed to pure nutrition with unique genuine ingredients at the right clinical dose and always honest pricing.

Meeting in Norway with the patent owner, we uncovered a great deal of information about this supplement ingredient. Subsequently, we work closely with the licence holders.

We have adopted the additional trademark "DynamEP™" standing for "Dynamic Egg Protein" to demonstrate our YTE® Young Tissue Extract is the only authentic live dynamic fertilised incubated egg protein.

DynamEP™ YTE® is the key live active ingredient of the GYBB 23 Aminos Formulas.

Unlike ordinary egg proteins which are not active due to not being incubated in line with the patented process of YTE®.

This is why our active ingredient is now typically referred to as DynamEP™ YTE® Dynamic Egg Protein Young Tissue Extract.

Get Your Boom! Back formulas are the only nutritional supplements in the world formulated with genuine DynamEP™ YTE® Dynamic Egg Protein Young Tissue Extract at the right dose in our proprietary formulas.

Founding Principals

Get Your Boom! Back's founding principles are:

      • Premium pure nutrition
      • Natural products in unique formulas which really work
      • Genuine ingredients at the right dose
      • Exceptional, caring service
      • Innovation based on diligence
      • Working with the Supplement Advisory Panel of Doctors and Health Professions
      • Science-backed evidence of independent peer-reviewed published clinical trials
      • Our customers' wellbeing central to ideas, products  and projects
      • The simplest and most honest affiliate program in the industry so we can redirect marketing expenditure away from Google and Facebook and instead reward our partners and affiliates with the ability to earn income equal to their individual efforts
      • Providing outstanding wholesale arrangements for health professionals and retailers to provide product direct to patients, clients, and customers
      • Here to help people when they most need it - with our Revolutionary Pay What You Can Principles: check out getyourboomback.com/pages/pay-what-you-can


Supplements improve the nutritional content of the diet, support overall health and energy, provide support to the immune system and reduce the risk of illness.

The global nutritional supplement market is expected to expand at a global revenue of $245 Billion by 2023.

Most supplements are made by huge corporations including Nestle Nutritionals, Bayer (owners of Monsanto), GlaxoSmithKline, and other pharmaceutical giants.

Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region for the nutritional supplement market.

Increasing consumer awareness for healthy living and healthy diet, increasing urbanization and changing lifestyles, the importance of prevention of diseases, awareness towards weight management among working professionals, innovation in product offerings, and increasing demand for genuine ingredients at the right clinical dose are some of the key factors are driving the demand for nutritional supplements. 

Although the nutritional supplement market is expected to have a positive growth worldwide, factors such as lack of awareness about the included dosage of key ingredients, toxicity of poor quality ingredients, and fake product claims cause many people to miss out on life-changing benefits.

Working with Get Your Boom! Back gives you premium quality pure nutrition. 

Our unique proprietary ingredients and formulas provide transformative products so you Get Your Boom! Back, even if you've tried other products before without results.

It's time for you to feel great.

Find out which GYBB 23 Amino Formula is right for you.

  • June 08, 2019
  • Angela Wright MBE