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Have you noticed how annual events come around faster than ever? It hardly seems a minute since it was this time last year ...

Black Friday week ... Thanksgiving ... heading towards Christmas!

It’s one of the signs of aging … of having been lucky enough to be around for a while :)

And, depending on stress levels, negative aspects of aging can happen at any age.

Some people suffer many signs with age-related problems such as aches and pains, digestive issues, fatigue, forgetfulness, ill-health, seemingly never-ending tiredness and trouble sleeping …

Yet there are amino acids which biochemists, doctors, researchers, professors, universities are now calling “longevity vitamins” because they enter cells and protect from aging.

Studies show that people with cognitive impairment had MUCH less in their blood than healthy participants of the same age.

The YTE® Young Tissue Extract in our unique supplements are the only natural source of all the amino acids, in perfect natural balance.

Plus YTE® has Fibroblast Growth Factor - “FGF” - to balance the damaging “stress hormone” cortisol. Important, because cortisol overload prevents brains and bodies from functioning properly.

Plus the FGF in YTE® regenerates stem cells for all-over brain and body repair.

These are all vital building blocks for brain and body health - essential for optimum memory and cognitive performance.

Countries with lower levels of these nutrients have a higher rate of cognitive decline and death in their aging populations. Some, like Italy, have 50% fewer brain deaths than the USA from Neurological problems.

Canadian scientists report that neurons involved in chronic anxiety and fear “extensively overlap” in areas associated with brain disease.

Symptoms of chronic stress, or “allostatic load”, include anxiety and overwhelm, "brain fog" and poor memory, constant worrying, cravings and poor digestion, cuts and wounds which are slow to heal, low energy, poor immunity, tiredness and trouble sleeping, unstable mood, and weight gain.

The connection between ongoing stress, high cortisol levels and infection, disease, and poor health are clinically proven.

The bottom line is…our bodies and brains need these nutrients.

No wonder our customers all over the world swear by Health Evolution's Get Your Boom! Back supplements.


This year’s Black Friday Sale gives all these benefits at an unheard-of half price - but only while we have the stock available.

It'll only be for a few days at these prices.

We don't over-inflate our prices because we spend on top quality ingredients at the clinical therapeutic dose. So we are essentially sponsoring this special offer.

YTE® is the only all-natural ingredient that gets to the root of health problems, so you feel and look younger, happier, rested.

Of course, beware imitations and substitutes.

There are copy-cats out there which look slick and professional but are full of untruths and unknown ingredients.

To check, just compare which product was available first: we have been making AminoBoosters since 2014 and TeloMind since 2016. Copycats started later than this, and even if they look like the genuine TeloMind, for example, they're fakes without the right ingredients.

Take the real thing.

If you know of someone who's been holding off taking the best care of himself or herself - now is the time.

Because you and your friends deserve it.

This page explains about the only REAL source of all these “longevity vitamins” that could help you live a longer, happier, and healthier life - at half price this week only at 

You can order as many Black Friday packs as you want and get Limited Edition TeloMind for half price - but only while this deal is available.

Limited Edition TeloMind exp 11/2024.

Our company is international with customers in more than 40 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Scandinavia.

Health Evolution - which is our family-owned parent company of Get Your Boom! Back - is the only provider of real YTE® supplements.

There is nothing else as effective as genuine YTE® supplements.


TeloMind is the same formula as AminoBoosters, which we've been providing since 2014, with the addition of the rejuvenation herb Rhodiola rosea.

Both TeloMind and AminoBoosters contain the full clinical therapeutic dose of YTE®, that is, 1,600mg per daily serving, totalling 48,000mg of YTE® per bottle.


We continue to work hard to give you faster shipping, with orders typically fulfilled quickly and efficiently from our depots in the US, the UK, Australia and Europe.


This month, I've been snorkelling with sharks at night and with turtles by day, off the Great Barrier Reef in the tropics of Australia.

On our organic farm in the southern hemisphere, it's late spring and very beautiful now. There are flowers, butterflies and birds everywhere, including tiny, brightly-coloured fairy wrens.

We have been making hay, and also harvesting sacred blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) for teas and infusions. Even our free-range pasture-reared pigs benefit from having some blue lotus with their food!


Now more than ever, I know we're united in the importance of being able to look and feel younger, happier, stronger, rested, and support the immune system.

Do feel free to give us a call if you need anything, or chat with us here on the website LIVECHAT.

This sale is for YOU: 



Health Evolution & Get Your Boom! Back - often imitated, never equaled, the world's most trusted source of life-changing YTE®

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  • November 23, 2022
  • David Wright