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The Hero ingredient in AminoBoosters™ is YTE®.

When I first learned about YTE® and the fact that other manufacturers were not using it to the correct dose, I flew around the world from Australia to Norway to carry out due diligence on the manufacture.

From the airport, we drove for several hours past orderly fjords and farms to the south of Norway. The manufacturers were very helpful and we were able to find out a great deal about YTE® and how it should be combined for optimum effect. We spent several days in Norway investigating YTE® and how we should best use it.

YTE® is made to exacting standards from free range, salmonella-free hens eggs, produced in the pristine forests of Norway. Norway is one of the few countries in the world to have salmonella-free status on its hens. This is very important - you definitely do not want to use a concentrated ingredient from eggs unless they are salmonella free. The USA, for instance, is not salmonella free.

Norway's animal welfare and production standards are extremely high.

YTE® is a particularly challenging ingredient to use due to it’s organic nature and makeup. It’s also a very expensive ingredient! For this reason, YTE® is used in very few formulas. Laminine, for instance, originally used YTE® but no longer do so at all. As in Not.At.All. That's one of the reasons why AminoBoosters™ are better than Laminine and all other amino acid supplements.

Get Your Boom! Back is the only manufacturer in the world to use the correct clinical dose of genuine YTE® in our AminoBoosters™ formulas.

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We are continuously working hard on your behalf to ensure you have genuine ingredients used at the right dose within the best formulas. Not many supplements companies do the same. It's expensive to do things the right way.

Try it out for yourself.

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  • February 28, 2016
  • Angela Wright MBE