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Hi there it is Anwar (GYBB Co Founder) here and I just want to write a post that shares with you my thoughts on why the MLM / Direct Sales and Home business industries have let so many people down and why we are passionate at GYBB about always having a system that solves the common industry issues. I hope you enjoy the story because I have many years experience in this industry and so what I am about to share is from my honest and personal experience which I hope you can relate to and see why we are passionate about doing things the right way.

My Background

Back in 1994 when I was 17 years old I was studying Law, Psychology and Biology and I had a really simple career path…. pick a degree in one of those areas, get a degree and get a well paid job. I found studying easy in fact I revised for my exams on the bus sit my exams. Yet it just never felt very challenging or inspiring to just follow the 40 year plan of home to work until you retire or die. Learning information parrot fashion came easily to me and I just felt I wanted to do something that was different but I had no clue what that was.

As destiny would have it I met a cracking guy who became a lifelong friend called Vinny in the college library who in conversation shadily inviting me to some house meeting about a quote un quote “opportunity”. It sounded weird but I was curious as he seemed enthusiastic and I have always been keen to try and learn new things. So I went to this house meeting that was held in a lovely property in Torquay over looking the park and beach. Where I met a hilarious and quite amazing Irish man called “Spanner”. His name was based on his days as a deep sea diver working on oil rigs (hence his beautiful home). This meeting was to change the direction of my life in every way imaginable.

I had my first MLM business presentation with Vinny and Spanner that night for the Amway business. Like many ex Amway distributors from this period I will never knock or have a bad word to say about the company despite not making much money in the business because it had an ethos and training model that really was life changing.

Obviously I was not in the slightest bit impressed at the thought of becoming a dish drops and eco washing powder salesman. I was a cool guy out partying 5 nights a week and chasing pretty girls so it was not in the slightest bit appealing to go out flogging detergent.

However what I was blown away by was the simple concept of a business that could pay you monthly residual income like a record royalty. It made total sense to me, you build the team to a certain size and the team then builds its self and you get paid for life.

They showed some incredible stats from insurance company actuaries (the very smart people they employ to work out things like how long we will live for and how likely we are to be struck by lightening) such as how at the retirement age of 65 that 95% of people are broke! This did not shout out to me that the system most people follow (having a job) has a particularly good strike rate. They said that 4% retire financially free from their own efforts and 1% have inherited wealth.

As a very logical thinker I thought 95% of people are not idiots in fact some are super smart and still 95% retire without financial freedom. Spanner went on to show me how every business works to a hierarchical top down structure

 a stack of flyers on a table

This hierarchical structure has been in place since the dawn of time and is how almost all corporate, governmental and social system works.

a stack of flyers on a table


Then the next key point Spanner made in his presentation really resonated with me and is now almost prophetic given the current state of the global economy. Spanner said that every government was like a giant pyramid scheme that needed more people paying taxes in than taking out to exist. This shocked me because like everyone at that naive young age you just trust that the big establishments are rock solid and doing everything in a sustainable, fair, legal way and most importantly that they have the peoples best interest in everything they do.

Spanner explained how after world war 2 there was a baby boom and that between 2011 and 2029 every government on the planet would become insolvent. I had to get Spanner to explain this to me in detail because I could not fathom how every government was not making income from businesses and utilities that they were so reliant on individual taxes. It simply made no sense to me why when you have millions of people in a system (country) are you allowing companies owned by a select few to profit, when you could just set up country owned businesses that paid enough into the government bank to look after people when they hit their golden years.

So Spanner on his “Amway Board and Easel” drew a chart like the one below and explained that people are now living longer and that the huge number of children born between 1946 - 1964 would all be drawing from the system (in 2011 - 2029) and that their would not be enough people paying taxes to pay for all the pensions. He laughed and said he would be “in his box pushing daisies” by then but that I and my friends needed to be prepared for this time and have income for our retirement because there would not be any when we come to retire.


a stack of flyers on a table

At this point I was all ears because I knew I came from a working class background and I had no inheritance or help coming my way in the form of a trust fund, Spanner REALLY had my attention and he proceeded to show me how in business that the best form of marketing was word of mouth. He then showed me how some companies spend as much as 50% of their sales turnover on marketing. He showed me how traditional product distribution was once again in a hierarchical pyramid from Manufacturer to exporter - importer - national wholesaler - regional wholesaler - local store to end user and that each step of the distribution chain companies had to make a commission for their involvement in the distribution chain.

He then proceeded to show me how a Direct Sales / MLM / Network Marketing structure meant that a business cut out the traditional distribution chain and was able to eliminate the costly overheads such as advertising and office administration costs. Instead opting to sell through a network of distributors who all bought direct from the company at wholesale and sold direct to their friends and family making a retail commission. Then if they chose to introduce other people to become independent business owners following a simple hierarchical structure you got paid a small override commission from their sales like a monthly royalty payment.

a stack of flyers on a table


The simplicity of the system was brilliant and to me it made total sense. Then he started to show how just signing up 3 people (who sold £200 worth of product a month) who signed 3 people who signed 3 people could generate £400 a month I was sold. That was enough for me to party like a rockstar at that age and have enough to upgrade my car and by some dapper new clothes each month. After all I knew hundreds of people and I knew we could all get our parents to buy some house hold products if nothing more than to help us out.

To me there was a purity in this system that really struck a chord….. when he said that all you have to do is duplicate what you do and help others to do the same. His words were “your success comes from the success of others”.
I loved that then and I love it to this day, its just a shame most other companies I joined in the years that followed did not love or appreciate that simple principal which is the cornerstone of pure network marketing.
Which is:

  • To sell great and innovative products that make a difference to people
  • That people want to talk about and share with others
  • And in promoting those products it will naturally go viral and grow into a network.
  • Great products that work and a structure that allows everyone to benefit from sharing those products with others.

Networking should be viral and be built on your success being the success of others either through team building or word of mouth about your products.

My final point on the meeting that changed my life happened at the end of it. Spanner handed me a book and a tape to listen to and I could see in how he held/withheld it (while explaining to me what it was) that he knew he was giving me something powerful.

His “posture” (as they called it) made me for the first time in my life want to commit to reading a book (i hated english at school my teacher was dull and had a rather uncool love of Shakespeare). He handed me a tape by diamond directs (and ill never forget their names) Pat and Greta Gregory and Jerry and Mandy Scriven and a book called “The magic of thinking big”.

I got home and put the tape on and it changed my life and perception forever, because I was hearing the life story of working class people (like me) who had blindly and as they admitted, quite stupidly just followed a system that over time transformed their lives from being broke and in debt to hitting every financial goal they could have dreamed of and along the way they had done it by helping literally hundreds of other people to do the same. They advocated personal development and so I started reading the book and it blew my mind. It trained me to think and see things differently (to dare to dream and see that with hard work anything was possible) and from there I was hooked on personal development. I from that day consumed every book and tape I could get my hands on and they showed me that it was possible to design the type of life you wanted and to do that you needed to be the best you that you could be. 

During this first few years in MLM I was fortunate enough to see several people go from nothing to a retirement income and what has never left me from seeing that is how the most miserable boring people suddenly become engaging speakers on stage like comedians when the pressures of day to day life are removed.

I was fortunate enough to meet a guy years later called Andrew Maddox and he had something ridiculous like 250,000 people in is business and was earning million per month. Now when he walked into the room he  was like the dude in the highlander (the old 80’s movie) he floated in like a zen god. When we sat and spoke for an hour he was generous with his time and advise, the air he exuded was not that of a some billy big shot but a guy who was at peace with himself and his life. I was so inspired by that and for the rest of my life strived to achieve that.

I can honestly say the zen that guy showed me has inspired me for the rest of my life. I have never cared about cars (i drive a mini and it rocks) I have never cared about designer clothes or watches or any of those stupid things that people feel are important to make them seem better in the eyes of others. I was solely focused on finding inner peace and doing it in a cool way that helped others.

To the point that in my other business ad-pods it took a friend a few years ago to make me realise how little I care about the money. He was asking me about the business and our big clients like British Gas and he said “how many pods did you sell to them?” and I said I cant remember probably 20 or 30 i said with a proud smile. He then looks at me tilts his head and said “why didn't you go back and ask them to buy 1000?”…….. 

I had absolutely no answer or idea!! I felt kinda stupid and could only come to the conclusion that I just don't value the money chase that much. I was just extremely proud that our little idea had such big world famous brands wanting to use our products. I wanted my business to go viral because of those MLM networking principals of the product being good and people wanting to share it. I guess i did not want to have to chase / harass and cajole people to order more!

I can see now that I have always had that in my core since that first meeting with Spanner. 

So I think you can see I was a fan of the principals and ethics of people helping people to succeed rather than the corporate dog eat dog world. Unfortunately my time in MLM showed me that the purity of the networking concept has been badly tainted in the publics eyes and most certainly distorted for corporate and distributor greed.

Issue 1. People Are Sick Of MLM

I viewed the Amway business as a fresh faced 17 year old who was 2 weeks to young (18) to officially buy my starter kit. I had no idea that the adults who had been through the recessions in the 1980’s and 1990’s were sick to the back teeth of being shown the next over hyped “illegal pyramid scheme”. There had been a wave of unscrupulous companies masking illegal and unsustainable income plans, making them look like a legal MLM plan's and as a result many people had got their fingers burned.

On top of that many MLM companies promote almost fanatical ways to act and contact people. Some of their sales and objection handling examples where (are still in present day) just outrageous….. bordering on delusional and obnoxious. Which naturally further tarnished the industry and made people even more sceptical of joining a business because they did not want to do what they were being trained to do.

How many people in past MLM’s have been told to answer valid questions from prospects / friends / associates with some stupid reply like “well we will see who is right in 6 months when i quit my job and  drive past you at lunch time in my BMW!” Idiotic and stupid things that no doubt have come back to haunt the person saying them in 6 months when they find out it is not quite so easy to build the business as they were originally told…… this kind of stupid training gave the industry a bad name and left a lot of people with a very bad taste in their mouth.

Jesus I can remember be training to make a list of people I knew including people like the guy who owned the local news agents……. and I still cringe thinking about this moment…… I was told to get my suit on and go into see my newsagent with my folder and ask him this question “if I could show you a way to build a monthly residual income would you be interested?”.

As I was growing my hair for spikey dread locks at the time I had a flat cap on backwards like Samual L Jackson wears and not in anyway did I have the confident air of a successful young business man that the newsagent should be listening to or taking business advice from. This was compounded by the fact my local newsagent had seen in a multitude of states going in to buy booze and cigarettes for the past year!

Issue 2. Duplication Does Not Happen Easily

Now anyone reading this with past MLM experience will feel my pain and be able to relate to their own personal horror story of some epic fail prospecting someone. So it quickly began to dawn on me that the people who already knew MLM had a jaded view and because of that the duplication effect the marketing plan glorifies is actually very very difficult to achieve because most people you recruit cannot take the inevitable rejection required to sift through 100 no’s to get a yes for product sales or team building. 

Sure some people hit on groups of people who just get it and join and they collectively grow quickly. Most MLM’s have or engineer these type of success stories because it keeps the rest of the people engaged and still dreaming it is possible for them.

However my experience and that i believe of most people is that they find recruitment difficult and that it is not about looking to just recruit 3 people (as the marketing plans always say) it is actually about recruiting lots of people (20-50) to find a couple of rock stars who have the desire / ability to duplicate your effort.

Issue 3. Pressure Applied From Upline

My personal experience in various MLM’s was that an awful lot of pressure was applied to me and my team members. Now I should say this is not an anti Amway post because I will forever be thankful to that business, I only ever earned a small income (a few hundred pounds a month) from it for a year or two and then left. I will say that they are still huge today and are always the Father of the industry. I actually do not feel they do a great deal wrong in their approach hence why they still turnover billions to this day. It was the 10 or so MLM’s I joined in the next 10-15 years that really showed me the more sinister and incompetent side to the industry.

That said in Amway I first felt pressure when I was at 12% the third run of the marketing plan (which I never got past). I suddenly was on the radar of my upline direct, pearl and emerald and they began calling regularly and offering to host meetings for me. It was rather pressurising having people who have been built up to be these superstars offering you time. You were made to feel like you had to fill a room for them but with one small problem I had already spoken to everyone I knew. Which then has the knock on effect of me having to pressure my downline to help me fill the room. It just never sat well with me and I kept asking myself this question “if you have so much money why are you driving 200 miles to come to my house to speak to 10 people?”……. the answer become clear within the next 12 months that all the people at the top had not retired at all like they said…… in fact they ran this business full time like a telesales operation because the drop off rate for customers and distributors was so high.

I felt I was pressured into attending hotel meetings where everyone tried to be positive and all lied to each other about how much prospecting they had done that month. Clearly no one was doing anything because there was virtually never anyone new at these meetings. As well intentioned as people were, they were all lying to themselves and each other. Now my personality is open and honest and I actually hate liars in my day to day life and this imposed pressure to recruit was turning us all into liars…..which for me personally was just not cool. I did not join the business to be made to feel like a failure or to become a liar. I had done my best and it was just too bloody hard to make it work.

I also felt pressure to buy product and to qualify each month meaning I had a cupboard full of stuff I did not want or need and I had no one to buy it so it had now started to cost me money. Seminars books tapes etc it just become ridiculous what you were made to buy that was not effective or helping you to earn money. As much as I loved the books and tapes I joined to earn money not to haemorrhage money (at an ever increasing rate) I simply did not have this money to lose as i was a student.

It was ironic really that a business model and the people involved that got me so hooked. To the point of influencing me so much that it changed the direction of the rest of my life because it preached values I loved such as….. building your success on the success of others and encouraging you to self develop was slowly imploding. Causing the people involved to feel emotions like shame, guilt, failure and was knocking everyones self confidence and self esteem.

It was sad to see but it showed me clearly that pressure should never be part of any sale and certainly not part of business your building. It is totally counter productive to long term sustainable success and rapid growth.

4. Unsustainable / Illegal Compensation Plans

After Amway I bummed around in college for a few years knowing I was not going to University and I had made the decision to go into business. I started working in sales and found I had a natural flare for it and at 19 I was running a telesales company and took them from 5 staff to 50. The Amway training was a big part of preparing me for that role and I like to think looking back that I managed the team in the coolest, fairest way and was not a classic tedious sell sell sell manager. 

It was in this job that one of my staff introduced me to another “new business” launching from america. I went to the meeting and got wowed by the product a travel card that got you wicked free upgrades on flights and hotels because you were a “sort of semi real” travel agent. I jumped in with both feet and within 8 weeks had a huge team that was maybe 3 months away from making me a small fortune and then the bomb dropped…….. overnight the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) had shut the company down and we all were left with shattered dreams and had all lost a lot of money (£600 to £1000 each). Which in those days was my monthly salary before commission (my boss had me on the cheap the old bugger). 

Now again maybe this was nativity to the industry but I just took it for granted (as thousands of others did) that no company would launch with a compensation plan that lied or was unsustainable……. in my head why would you do that because it can only end one way and thats badly!

As I was a straight A math student as a kid I sat down with my pen and paper and started working out team building scenarios right the way through the compensation plan. Unfortunately it was true the plan was mathematically impossible and it  could not pay what it promised. I sat in shock why would anyone put together such a brilliant concept and product and then shaft themselves and their distributors by making a plan that could not work. To this day I don't understand that mentality but it has happened time and time again.

If they are not illegal or unsustainable then companies make it so complicated by offering 15 different ways to make money such as the triple double matrix bonus, the legacy matching bonus, the car bonus et etc. they are so convoluted and difficult to fathom that I'm sure most are illegal but even the authorities don't have the mathematical savvy to figure out if it is real or not.

Companies announce in marketing plans that they pay to infinity override bonus or down high numbers of levels. These commission are always the ones that make you super rich. However one simple logic dictates all of this……..

  • You sell a product
  • You have a manufactured cost and
  • You have a retail price
  • Leaving a margin
  • No products profit margin can be split to infinity and to pretend to do so is highly deceptive. 

I have seen countless marketing plans that say they pay 70% commission back to distributors and yet their own filed accounts show they are making 80% plus profits even after staff and office spaces are paid.

Personally it just disgusts me!! 

The good willed paying public join because they have a dream for their life and more often than not those dreams are shattered leaving the distributor in a worse financial, mental and emotional position than when they started. That is just flat out wrong in my opinion but I have seen it time and time again.

Another favourite in the marketing plan deception is to show a plan that pays a percentage of sale but actually to only pay it on a Business Volume (BV) points system which is always a much lower figure than the cash sale price. 

I could go on and on about the dishonesty in the marketing plans and videos and the dishonesty in the compensation plans because it is just so wrong on so many levels. 

5. Starter Kits

I can appreciate that some products require a starter kit because you may have to demonstrate something that would make it almost impossible to sell if you did not have the product. So in those instances it is fine for a company to charge for a starter kit but most MLM do not need this yet they still charge between £200 - £2000 to join the business. 

Often they have a cheaper option but the marketing plans are skewed so that the people who join with the cheaper starter kit cannot earn as much money as those who buy the expensive starter kit. The reason for this is usually sited as “ if you pay for it you more likely to value it and do something in the business” or “I wont work with anyone unless they show a commitment to me”…… all going back to the sales pressure I have already mentioned.

The reason for this pressure is because the recruiting affiliate will make more money signing you in for the bigger starter kit because the compensation plans are always geared towards enabling a high recruiter to earn high upfront money. 

This is always the case because their recruitment presentation always states that if you just get 3 sign ups in your first week you get your investment back….. more deception and pressure to try to force organic team building…… it is like these companies do not trust their own product offering enough to get referrals and repeat sales that they need to force it.

I do not believe any starter kit it should be at a retail price it should be at a discount to all distributors. After all this person is going to promote you for free

6. Autoships

My biggest issue in the industry is that a distributor is forced to sign up to a monthly autoship in order to be “qualified” to get paid or access higher level commissions. 

Is it not good enough that someone is making sales that must pay for the right to get paid???

Why should a person who is promoting your company and committing the most precious thing they have in their life (their time) be forced to pay to be part of your business and access the commissions they have earned and are entitled to?

To me this makes absolutely no sense…… it is a calculated and hard nosed business decision that is designed for one thing and that is to profit the company and keep turnover going through the network structure…… it is MONEY MONEY MONEY and nothing else.

It leads to so many problems it is just ridiculous……..the first is that it is much harder to sign up distributors because they do not want to commit to £2400 (£200 starter kits and £200 a month) for the opportunity to maybe make some money. 

Next it means that there is a constant turnover of distributors who tried failed and leave feeling dejected and like they been hood winked yet again.

Next it means people end up with cupboards filled with products they don't want nor need and it always ends up on ebay being sold on the cheap to recover money. 

Next because product is available on ebay so cheap from ex distributors it makes retailing products harder because people just go to ebay,

I have often thought how many marriages have been destroyed through MLM where one partner is desperate to succeed but signed into more autoships than they can afford and the other partner is arguing about the lack of money to spend on kids for cinema trips or school clothes…… we have all met people in this position with the desire to succeed at the over promising marketing plan combined with the pressure to buy and pressure to not fail…… personally I just find it very cruel and unnecessary and we intend to prove with GYBB that you can build a huge and successful business and never adopt these ridiculous and unfair tactics.

7. Forced qualifications

Another ruthless compensation plan deception is the need to qualify for certain commissions. The classic one being the 60:40 rule. This one means that if you introduce a big account or a networker who just goes ballistic building a huge team down 1 leg you will not be paid a penny for that legs sales volume down the deeper levels unless you can match 40% of the turnover in the other leg.

NOTHING builds in the perfect world format with 3 who get 3 who get 3. You ALWAY end up with a strong leg and a weak leg and as a result the 60:40 rule will penalise you for it. How is that right? If you have introduced the person and helped them build a high volume business and then a marketing plan technicality means you don't get paid for it.

I have seen the back office of some people who left a competitor supplement company and he had over £300,000 a month in sales in one leg and did not make a penny from it!! 

His total business was doing £350,000 a month in sales and he was picking up a monthly cheque of less than £3000…… which is not even 1% of the sales volume his team does each month…… which certainly is not what the companies compensation plan claims to pay out

8. Products To Expensive To Sell

If tomorrow you said I am going to start a business selling iPhone Accessories you would only have a business and be making money if you had customers. There would be no income unless wholesalers or end users bought your products.

What is astonishing in most MLM businesses is that they hugely over state and over sell the reported benefits of their products and slap an exorbitantly high retail price on the product. Which instantly makes getting customers so difficult everyone in the business focuses on recruiting distributors because its easier to find someone willing to part with money on the promise of making money than it actually is to sell the products your joining a business to sell.

Amazing really but I contacted the Direct Selling Association many years ago to find out the legalities of MLM companies and they actually have a law in place that says no MLM business should make more than 60% of its revenue from distributor purchases (starter kits or autoships). This law was put in place for exactly this reason that people join MLM’s in their thousands based on latest well crafted sales pitch but actually find out that in reality the product either has no market place or is too expensive to sell in any meaningful volumes to real end users.

I gave up on MLM a long time ago but in 2013 an American firm was launching in the UK on the back of doing a billion in sales in the US. So me and Jamie (Fellow GYBB Director) decided to use our online skills and apply them to an MLM. So we built a really good online portal that supported our team. We built the team from scratch as we had no team to bring with us from a previous MLM as it had been maybe 5 years since I had dabbled with an MLM. We grew really quickly to 140 people in the first 30 days of prelaunch. We turned over nearly £40,000 in starter kits and product sales.

Now the product was good if a little pricey but what was incredibly interesting in month 2 was that there were virtually no customers. All the turnover was distributors buying their £200 worth to use personally, fill up kitchen cupboards or give away to try and get some customers. Which was very surprising as their marketing plan was clever and geared towards customers with a promotion to customers called 3 for free…. introduce 3 friends and get yours for free! 

I joined because of the 3 for free promotion because I thought it addressed the MLM issue of not having an active viral customer base. What I discovered was the product at £40 a month was too expensive and it was incredibly hard work to get real customers when they could buy a protein shake on amazon for £12

9. High Turnover Of Distributors And Customers

Which leads me the next massive failing in MLM because of all the above reasons the drop out rate of customers and distributors is huge. I looked in the back office of the GYBB member who joined us from a competitor and because their product is so expensive 3-4 times more than ours he had only 2 active customers from 47 that he had sold to. That is just a shocking ratio and it is standard in the industry unfortunately because so many companies are only focused on selling distributor kits and locking those distributors into monthly autoships. 

The commercial reality is it pays very well if someone joins for £400 and stays paying £200 a month for 6 months. It is ultimately very profitable for the company but terrible for the distributor.

A business must be focused on delivering great products that are fair market price because without customer retention there is no business. It certainly will never enable a team to be built in the pure way we believe a network should be built and that is customer satisfaction and them freely wanting to tell people about the product.

10. False Promises and Misinformation

Just rife in the industry for so many reasons because when you are selling over inflated products and a business opportunity thats cost a small fortune to join and stay part of it you have to make it seem so good it could make you walk on water.

I have lost count of the amount of sales videos I have watched for MLM that are high production value with paid actors and super clever with marketing scripts that use the best and most persuasive NLP tactics to just make you doubt yourself enough to thinks probably a load of rubbish but I will kick myself if I don't give it a go.

In my last MLM I attended the UK launch and we were also flown over to the big Florida seminar and what I saw was a room filled with 4000 people in the UK and 10,000 in Florida who desperately wanted to believe they were doing some good in the world and that by doing so it would give them the rewards they wanted in return.

I saw the directors on stage claiming to want to cure the worlds obesity problem. A noble cause said with great delivery and was almost believable until the voice in my head said “yeah right if you meant that then the shake I know your making for £5 a bag you would sell for £20 and allow the poorest and sickest people who need it have affordable access to it”.

It was quite sad as I saw more from behind the scenes because the front was so sparkly and appealing but at the heart was yet another difficult to make work money screw. 

I fundamentally believe that people on mass are desperate for a business that gives them the opportunity to make money with no strings attached. I saw 4000 people in the UK desperate to believe that this was the one that did it right and once again we all got disappointed.

What really got me though was when I saw one of the high ranking UK team on stage. I forget the position names it was something like “2 star Diamond Mega Ambassador” or something like that. Now this position required a minimum of £200,000 in monthly sales volume in the first month. So his wife gets on the microphone and gives a speech about how proud she was of him and cried a little and I remembered hearing the same speech years before at another companies event. So I got out of my seat and walked down the side of the hall to get a closer look (as I got terrible eye sight) and it was only the same bloody couple with the same speech!! Unreal I was officially the 3rd highest recruiting distributor in the global business that month with a £40k turnover…. I was quite proud of doing that because I had built it in the pure form and there were these professional networkers who had a 9 month run at prelaunch bringing with them thousands from their previous business talking on stage like they had just built it like everyone else…… yeah right!!! Total deception in my book and that I just couldn't stomach.

It means the people in the audience think something is easier and more doable than it actually is and that is cruel because it leaves people thinking they are to blame and that they are useless when it is not that at all its just that they have been hoodwinked with marketing spin.

Why Are We Different

Well I can honestly say I sat down to write this post intending to write two pages and I'm up to 11 so far. If your still with me I hope you can see that this is written with genuine experience and in many cases disgust at what I have witnessed over the years.

So now lets look at why we will never allow any of the above to happen in this business…….

This business came about because I was desperate to help my family members who had some serious issues such as chronic rheumatoid arthritis (my dad) crippling spinal pain from a car crash 15 year ago (my mum) and my brother who was in a very bad way with chronic alcoholism, epilepsy and a history of severe depression. In January 2014 when I found out about Bio Resonance it seemed like a weird far out last throw of the dice to help my family. The results I saw and the difference it made to their lives literally astonished me and from there it became a passionate obsession to get as many friends and family on my frequency machine. I simply couldn't believe what I was seeing or able to do with it.

It wasn't until August 2014 that I flew to Australia to meet my business partner (Angela GYBB Co Founder) and really turned this into a business. Together we looked at the market and the pricing of competitor products and every fibre of my being was screaming out that we had to make it affordable to all.

Sure the figures were far more compelling charging double what we do for our products and we would still have been cheaper than the competition but my past experiences told me that its hard work to build a business with real customers if your too expensive and it leads to a high cancelation rate and disgruntled distributors.

So we crunched the numbers and decided to do things totally different from any business in the direct sales industry by……..

  • Making the business free to join
  • Not forcing starter kits on anyone
  • Never requiring an affiliate to buy product to qualify to be paid
  • Never doing any other qualification rules like the 60:40 rule to be paid
  • Having an open and honest and easy to understand affiliate commission structure that pays 35% from any retail sale down 7 levels
  • Having a unique hybrid affiliate plan that pays affiliates for both online retail and wholesale purchase for traditional business
  • Making all our products at prices people can afford
  • Having products that do exactly what we say they will
  • Offering a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee (because we know our products work)
  • Pay what we say and pay on time

By doing this we have created a business model where every penny is from real customers and all repeat business is from happy customers who take the time to go online and reorder because they actually want the product, not because they don’t know how to stop an annoying product autoship.

By making it free it is so simple to build a team because who doesn’t join something that is free and costs them nothing. It is all upside and no downside!!

By making it free we are removing the issue of you feeling awkward promoting a business that you know is going to cost a friend money if they do not build it……. no one wants to feel bad that they cost a friend money!

By not forcing you into an autoship you will never feel pressure from us or feel like you need to quit…. all the horrible MLM issues evaporate with this model and it truly offers an opportunity for anyone and only pays for successful sales to an end user (which is how business should be).

Hopefully you can feel proud promoting us because you understand our story and our reason why and our beliefs that business should be fair and only be a benefit to you and not a financial hindrance.

If you have never been in an MLM before I would encourage you to just show this post to someone you know who has and see if he or she agrees with what I have written. Purely to validate what I am writing because I can promise you this post will resonate with a lot of people who have been through similar experiences. I bet they can cringe to at some of their horrible contacting fails like my newsagent story….. i still shudder at it now :-)

We will never promise you instant riches and an early retirement income in 5 months but what we can promise you is that if this sales model is to work and be sustainable in the long term it can only be under these conditions with it being free with no financial catches and for customers to stay on the products because they work and are affordable.

I am writing this post after our 3rd month in business and today I did the commission payments to the affiliate base and already we have over 30 people who have built their GYBB income to a car or a small mortgage payment. These are not professional network marketers with a team of 100 disciples (victims) who jump ship with them. These are real people who liked the products and found they could actually sell them to customers who are happy and are reordering. 

Yes it is a slower build but I would take a £5 a month commission from lots of people who don't cancel all day long over going out trying to sell something that people cancel within 2 months. Everyday we get real testimonials and feedback from happy customers who are seeing dramatic improvements in their wellbeing and are wanting to tell their friends.

I know we have set this business up with our customers wellbeing front and centre before money and commission payments. Our second consideration was making sure we deliver all the tools and conditions for you (our amazing affiliates) to make money safe in the knowledge that you have made a difference to someone else's happiness and wellbeing.

Me and Angela looked at this and asked one question if we were not involved would we feel excited to use the products and be an affiliate and the answer was yes we would and time will tell if we are right but so far the signs are 100% in favour that we have done this the right way.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this way longer than expected story


Anwar :-)
Get Your Boom! Back
Co Founder

  • March 06, 2015
  • Anwar Craven