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The Government Department "Trading Standards" has advised that, "(you cannot) mention anything about treating tumours even by default in a background story. Single Doctor testimonials are not allowed and this would fall into that category." Therefore be advised that it must have been pure coincidence that I received frequency programmes and recovered so swiftly after my operation. I hope this makes it clear that we are not making any health claims whatsoever because only approved pharmaceutical drugs and established medical procedures can have any claims attached. If you wish to know more about this issue, go to https://gcmaf.seIf you are British, will you please sign Lord Saatchi’s Bill? The medical laws have been changed over the last 40 years so that all the brilliant breakthroughs in cancer are denied to the British public. Lord Maurice Saatchi had to watch his wife die, while his doctor told him the only thing he was allowed to prescribe her was chemotherapy, which would shorten her life. Lord Saatchi hopes to bring the Medical Innovation Bill to Parliament.


When I discovered the science and wonder behind our frequency and formulas, I never dreamt I would be affected so personally!

After travelling to Norway, the UK, the USA and home to Australia during the last four months, it’s been quite a busy time. Then one weekend my world was turned upside-down.

On Sunday I woke up with acute pain and by late morning was in Noosa Hospital. In the Emergency Waiting Room, it was so bad that I woke up my UK business partner Anwar at 2am, who immediately started sending me frequency patterns. I felt it as a warm glow – but not enough to cut through the knife of raw pain taking over my insides.

The medical staff sped into action when they saw the state of my poor stomach and put me on drips of morphine, took blood tests, ran CT scans… and ended up telling me that I had a large mass inside me which might be ovarian cancer and needed to be removed as soon as the final blood tests told us which way to do so. 

They said this “alien mass” seemed to be around 15cm x 11cm, on my right side… and it needed to come out… when we knew whether it was cancerous or had spread...

Scary times… but I had some huge advantages: the best medical attention, receiving bespoke frequency patterns around the clock, and with an otherwise healthy body sustained by all the Amino Boosters, good natural foods and the love from family and friends… so I waited for the results… taking a lot of morphine…

On Tuesday I was admitted to Nambour Hospital for an Ultrasound and more tests… and told I’m being fast-tracked for surgery as soon as my results are in. Tuesday’s a long day spent mainly in the Emergency department. I’m moved to a ward that evening to be ready for surgery..

Early on Wednesday, the night duty Doctors tell me my tests have come back clear so I don’t have to go to the Royal Brisbane Hospital’s Oncology team and can be operated on right there at Nambour. My team of Doctors come along shortly afterwards to discuss with me: Dr Marc Miller, Hospital Director, leads the team; surgery will be performed mainly by Dr Jens Ohdendahl.

By lunchtime I’m being wheeled into surgery. I tell my porters that I feel like the star of the Alien movie…

     Arriving at the operating theatre, the team wave to me and I wave back, saying to the porters that now I feel like the Queen.

“You’re the Alien Queen” quips one, before knocking me out with some welcome general anesthetic.

Coming around on Wednesday evening, I learn that I’d had a 16cm tumour removed. It had twisted around on itself, and on my right hand ovary and Fallopian tube, cutting off the blood supply. That’s what caused all the pain. Thank goodness! Otherwise I might not have known till too late…

 Still… 16cm… that’s huge.

 And not at all pretty – my business partner Anwar in the UK sent me this pic of himself to show me just how big. And how ugly.


Now this is where it gets really interesting. So four of our Frequency team members in the UK are liaising to send me exactly the right frequencies from Sunday onwards… when I’m conscious, I’m talking with them on Facebook Messenger and email, in real time, explaining what’s happening… and they’re adjusting the frequencies. And I’m coping.

On Wednesday afternoon I’m sliced open from hip to hip with a 16cm gash, the Ugly Alien Head Thing along with various body parts are removed, various checks are made on the rest of the insides (which my Doctors tell me are a bit of a bloody mess)…

On Wednesday evening I’m able to eat and drink…

On Thursday, the nurse tells me I look a million dollars…

On Thursday night I sleep for 10 hours and forego pain relief for 12 hours (and I’m a total baby around pain).

Early on Friday morning, my Doctor - the wonderful Dr Marc Miller who is Director of Gynaecology at Nambour General Hospital in Queensland - tells me that I'm way ahead of schedule for healing and can go home!

So less than 48 hours after major emergency surgery to remove a huge tumour and body parts, I’m discharged. I can’t stop smiling.

I’m under strict orders to rest and not work… so I’m typing this on my Macbook in the peace of my home, lying on the sofa surrounded by my three dogs, in the balmy summer breeze of Sunshine Beach. But I wanted to share this with you.

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful medical and therapeutic care both with the conventional medical staff, equipment and knowledge at Noosa and Nambour Hospitals plus the complementary health support from my amazing team at Get Your Boom! Back, who've been sending me relevant frequencies throughout the whole event. And they still are. To my wristband. To my bio-field. Rebalancing my body now with a complex formula of energetic patterns including post-op and anesthetic detox. The combination is helping me so much!

And I learn I’m not the first to have been helped in this way:

One of my frequency specialists sending to me has previously helped others in this way. In his words, using just one example similar to my case,

"As far as her healing process is concerned, of course (frequencies were) used extensively. My very first job (after) the operation, was to do what I could to clear the anesthetic from her system - I discovered through my own scan of her body that there is very much an energetic component to general anesthetics which I was able to purge more quickly.

"After that there was pretty much constant (frequency pattern) being sent to her in the form of 24 hour non-linear scans… It is worth noting that all the nurses and indeed the consultant too remarked on how quickly she had made her initial recovery from the operation. This was followed up four weeks later when the consultant at the follow-up inspection again remarked that her rate of healing from such heavy surgery was notably very good." 

I am so lucky. So blessed. More than ever, I know that life doesn’t do things “to” you: it does things “for” you.

This experience has altered my perception of Get Your Boom! Back: beforehand, I believed it was important work; now I know that it’s vital knowledge. Up to you what you think, of course. But I’m glad my “Alien Head” has been removed!


Hello Tomorrow: It’s Time To Boom!

 Best regards


Co-Founder, Get Your Boom! Back®

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