**Cyber Monday pricing live for the rest of this week until Sunday 6th December**

Congratulations on being part of the exciting Get Your Boom! Back Beta programme.


We’ve been asked how we arrived at the prices to charge?


As a farmer’s daughter, I’ve inherited a number of genes including the “tight wallet” gene. This makes it really hard for me to either pay or charge very much, even when something’s of profound benefit.


And I know I’m not alone. So one of the criteria in co-creating Get Your Boom! Back®. was to find a way to make our products super-affordable.


Very often, we give away our products completely for free and to date we’ve given more than 150 treatments and supplement packages without charge.


Above all, we looked at how we can give you the benefits of what we’ve found at the least possible cost to you.


AminoBoosters® supplements are £29.99 ($56.00AUD/$46.00USD) for 120 capsules, providing the highest quantity of YTE® within formulas recommended by the owner and founder of YTE®. Compare this to a similar price for only 30 capsules with negligible amounts of YTE® - or, in most cases, not actually containing genuine YTE®. So for about £1 or $AUD1.88/$1.56USD a day, you can experience revolutionary food supplements produced to international standards.


Frequency Wristbands® are £39.99 ($74.00AUD/$62.00USD) for revolutionary wearable tech. There’s nothing like this available anywhere else in the world: more than 14 years and several millions has been invested into the production and testing. We’ve seen remarkable results around the world during the Beta programme.


Drinkifi® Taste Intensifiers are £49.97 ($93.00AUD/$77USD) and you only need one to use with your water, wine, beer, spirits, fruits… a remarkable invention which again has received significant investment in terms of research and development, with a multitude of customers attesting to their experiences.


Try the Triple Boom! benefits of AminoBoosters®, Frequency Wristband® and Drinkifi® and – in the shortest possible time – Get Your Boom! Back®.


Hello Tomorrow: It’s Time.


Best regards




Angela Wright MBE

Co-Founder, Get Your Boom! Back®


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Announcing...Get Your Boom! Back® - founded with a rebellious spirit and a life-changing objective: to offer revolutionary frequencies and formulas combined with wearable tech designed to aid health and zest. This breakthrough in energy balancing is designed to help you have more sleep, more strength, more life-force. Find your own health and wealth, with clinical trials and hundreds of testimonials. As Nikola Tesla said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
We provide food supplements and energy balancing devices which are not substitutes for medical treatment. Hundreds of testimonials report improved wellness but we do not claim any cures or medical treatments. Get Your Boom! Back® may help you to feel better and provides a Triple Guarantee including a 100% Money Back Guarantee.