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Do you remember the Remington advert?

The prosperous, “slightly smug” American who said that he loved his shave so much that he bought the company?

Two years ago, I was discussing cutting edge technology with a clever chap from the UK over a period of time and, at the end of some of those conversations, we’d exchange views and news on other areas of interest. In the end we didn’t go forwards with our original plan… but Anwar and I discovered a lot in common with more far-reaching effects.

I’d been researching health options for over 20 years. Brought up on the farm with a deep love of good food and hospitality, I became increasingly worried by the poor diets and degraded soils supposed to sustain us but instead spawning ill health or obesity for the majority.

I wanted to recreate my country childhood for other families - and created from scratch the south west of England's favourite theme parks to do just that, but that's a story for another day... 

It's true also that my search was due in part to a family history of depression spanning at least three generations to my knowledge including bi-polarity which made life at times difficult in particular for my Grandfather, Mum, favourite Aunts and some cousins. I’d studied supplements and therapies from all around the world. I’d tried so many different options for my Mum, sometimes myself and other people.

Anwar was increasingly interested in frequencies, bioresonance and bioelectromagnetics, after being introduced to some startling results from people he knew. Now, throughout my business life and while growing diverse businesses in both hemispheres, I’d been saying that “everything is energy” and “money is just captured energy”. 

Think about it: to make that £10 or $20 note, someone somewhere sometime has expended considerable energy – whether in growing food, building, creating art by way of a song, a painting, or any other way of exchanging their time, knowledge or muscle-power for monetary reward. Money, to me, is just captured energy and while it can be used for good or bad, intrinsically it is to be respected because someone has exchanged their own energy to generate that money.

(That’s another reason why “quantitive easing” and money-printing is so bad, recognised by President William Woodrow who regretted allowing the creation of the Federal Reserve (privately owned) bank and many, many other eminent people, but let’s not get started on the faults in our banking system just now.)

Simply look at what Albert Einstein told us decades ago, “Everything in life is vibration”, confirmed by quantum physicists today: everything consists of energy, all vibrating at different frequencies. The earth (and healthy human hearts) vibrate at the same frequency, interestingly enough. When a singer reaches a certain pitch which matches a crystal glass, the glass shatters. 

So what Anwar was reporting to me made sense. We discussed many areas and discovered a common bond in seeking complex answers to distil into simple solutions. Over the years we reviewed and evaluated many areas, ingredients and individuals. Most fell into the “too hard” basket – requiring too much of people to be accomplishable.


We all know that our lives will be better if we improve our work-life balance, spend more time breathing clean air, walk in the country or the beach, meditate daily, eliminate sugar, reduce artificial additives, eat our five (or is it now ten?) veggies and fruits a day, see a therapist, drink less, talk with our loved ones, take more relaxing holidays, have regular skin treatments, listen to classical music, watch less TV, follow our Doctor’s advice and get regular health checks for the various skin and organ cancers, ensure we take sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements, exercise regularly, get at least 8 hours sleep by going to bed early … but in the meantime, the merry-go-round of our life goes on, somehow precluding most or all of the things we “should” do. Yes, you're not alone. We all avoid the things we should do. There has to be another way.

Life’s not perfect. So how can we, as imperfect beings, be the “best we can be”?

When Anwar and I discovered three particular products which have decades of research, clinical proof, hundreds of testimonials and, most importantly, combine to create more than the sum of the parts, we resolved to look very hard at whether these were the answers we’d been seeking.

After months of discussions and evaluation, I flew around the world from Australia to the northern hemisphere, landing in the grips of winter.

First to Norway and then to the UK. Meeting with Anwar and our three other partners: Jamie, Robbie and Victor – all experts in their fields. And yes, we love these products so much that we’ve “bought the company”. Investing hard-earned money so we can bring these three brilliant solutions to you. I’ll tell you more about each of us and each of the products at a later date.

I’m so excited to bring to you your very own solution with our three Get Your Boom! Back® products: three solutions, which can help you live the best life possible.


Genuine, pure, natural ingredients only made available through radical, cutting-edge technology, reinforced by clinical research and results. I’ll tell you more in the next update.

While we are still pre-launch I want you to know about this first: to be part of the Beta programme of Get Your Boom! Back®.

Hello Tomorrow: It’s Time.

Best regards
Angela Wright MBE, co-founder, Get Your Boom! Back®


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  • November 15, 2014
  • Angela Wright